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You can free download the Latest Version of Anger of Stick 4 Mod Apk with Unlimited Money, Coins and Gems. The game is full of skills where you will face different enemies…
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 Anger of Stick 4 Mod Apk is an action game where you can play with your friends. In this game, you must control the stick and make an excellent strategy to win the battle. Your enemy will be more powerful than you, and they will attack you anytime. So, you must learn how to fight against them and win the battle.

In the anger of stickman mod apk game, many levels are available for you to play. Each group has rules and challenges you need to overcome to get further. You can also invite your friends along with you so that they can help you out in this battle.

Anger of Stick 4 Mod Apk



Game Play

 The game is a role-playing game with turn-based battles, where the player controls a group of heroes and fights against monsters. The player does not directly contain any characters but orders them to take specific actions by clicking on them.

The player can customize their party of heroes by choosing from different classes, which have various statistics and abilities, such as magic users or archers. Players can equip weapons and armor to their characters to increase their stats or use items like potions to restore health or mana.

At the start of each battle, players choose one out of five enemies to attack first. Players can use strong attacks, healers who can revive downed allies in the war, and tanks who absorb damage for other characters during combat.

 What is the Anger of Stick Mod Apk?

Anger of stick 4 apk is a game where you play as a stickman who fights against other players in real-time PvP battles. The game has a simple design that makes it easy to pick up and play, but the gameplay is more profound than it looks.

You’ll have to use your skills and tactics as the game progresses. You don’t know what they are, don’t worry because we’ve got an explanation for every single one!

How does angry of stick mod apk work?

The basic premise of the angry of stick mod apk is that you will be fighting against other players in real-time PvP battles. To win, you’ll need to use specific tactics against each opponent before they can defeat you.

Features of theAnger of stick 4 apk:

  • The controls of Angry Stickman 4 Mod Apk are simple and easy to learn. You must tap anywhere on the screen to fire your weapon or attack your enemies with special skills like exploding balls or bombs, which can damage multiple enemies at once.
  • You can unlock new characters by earning coins while playing through each level of the story mode. Each character has unique abilities, such as jumping higher or shooting faster than other characters to beat challenging levels.

New Characters

Anger of Stick 4 introduces several new characters exclusive to the game, including the Ninja, Samurai, Robot, and the Ghost.

The Robot is a high health character who has a strong defense against physical attacks; Ghost is faster than regular characters but has low health points which makes him susceptible to attacks from other players.

 Anger of Stick 4 Zombie Mod Apk

 A unique game in the world of entertainment. The player can choose between two characters: the wizard or the warrior. These characters are compelling, and their powers are different from each other.

 Anger of Stick 4 Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems

There are many games where you can get unlimited money and gems, but this mod apk is different from all these games because it gives you unlimited money and gems without any restrictions.

Different Looks

In Anger Of Stick 4 Mod Apk, you can choose several different looks for your character. You can also change the color of your character’s hair by using an item called ‘hair dye.’ This item costs money but, once purchased, allows you to change the color of your character’s hair at any time!

Graphic Design

The graphics in Anger Of Stick 4 Mod Apk are high quality, and they look very realistic so that it looks like a natural person is playing this game with you.

The sound effects are also good in this mobile game because they have been made by professional sound engineers who have paid attention to every detail of their work to give the best sound effects possible in this mobile game.

Downloading Steps of Angry Stickman Game

1: Download the Angry Stickman Game APK file.

2: Open Settings then tap on Security.

3: Enable Unknown Sources if it’s not enabled already.

4: Find the APK file and install the app player on your Mobile phone.

anger of stick 4 apk


 Q: How to play the game?

A: Download and start playing the game. It is simple.

Q: Will this game support my device?

A: it can run on all android phones

Q: Can I play this game offline?

A: No, it is an online game.

Q: Is there any modded version of the game?

 A: Yes.


My Experience

It’s similar to the anger of stickman mod apk game, but the controls are different. The stickman can run and jump, but he cannot fly. The player can use his hands or feet to control the stickman.

In this game, you will play as a stickman trying to escape from a mysterious place. There are also many obstacles on your way, such as falling blocks, spikes, and so on. You will need to find the best path to get past all these obstacles without dying or getting stuck.

The sound effects are also fantastic and realistic, so you won’t get bored while playing this game for long hours!


Anger of Stick 4 Mod Apk is a fascinating kill game that allows you to access all the game levels with unlimited health and mana. Download this fun and exciting kill game app and enjoy playing the game for hours at a stretch without getting bored. It is created for Android devices and is completely free to download. If you want to install it from the Apple website, here you can visit.

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