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Welcome to Chronus, a set of flexible and stylish Clock, Weather, News, Tasks, Stocks, Fitness and Calendar widgets for your Home and Lock** screen.
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May 9, 2023
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Chronus Information Widgets Mod Apk is a new open-source project designed to help organizations and individuals visualize their system load in real-time. Chronus has been developed by the systems engineering team at Google, where they manage one of the largest computer clusters in the world.

The tool provides users with an overview of all running processes on their computers, as well as detailed information about each process including its CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, and network traffic. For more information please read this blog post and Also Check out ProShot MOD APK.

Chronus comes with a set of pre-built widgets that can be installed and used on any system. In our package, we include a customizable date widget, memory meter, CPU meter, disk space usage meter, and network traffic monitor. We have also included a few example widgets to show how you could create your custom widgets to visualize the data from any system utility you choose.

Chronus Information Widgets Mod Apk is a free application for Android that has been designed to provide users with the ability to customize their home screens and lock screens.

As well as providing users with the ability to set up shortcuts, it also comes with a variety of themes. Users can download and install the app from Stock Cartoon HD Wallpaper an app that provides its users with the ability to use stock cartoon wallpaper on their device.

The application comes pre-loaded with numerous images, and more can be added by tapping the plus button. Furthermore, users can set their images as wallpaper by changing the source of an image from Gallery to Camera. This application is available from Google Play Store. Please Note:-  This app is only for smartphones with HD resolution screens.

Chronus Information Widgets Mod Apk is a third-party app that can be installed on Android devices. It’s an information widget that displays the weather, time and date, calendar events, and more in one place. It has been designed by the software engineers at Google and is available to download from Apkspure.

Highly customizable look and feel of almost all components

one can change font colour, the background of Time and Date to any desired colours.

Many useful plugins included

one can check the weather of a particular city by just tapping on that City/State Time and Date w will change according to the city selected.

Weather, Calendar, and Tasks notifications: one can get notified about weather changes, calendar events, and current tasks.

Tasks widget supports Google Tasks

One can add their Google Tasks by just logging into their Google account.

One can get notified of new emails, missed calls, and more in the notifications section

one can see all the widgets installed on the device; one can also remove any unwanted widget directly from this section.

Calendar panel shows a scrollable list of upcoming events

Users can directly open any event by tapping on it

Directly see the location of events; one can also search for an event using the search box.

Ability to set wallpaper straight from Chronus (requires “Co l or Wallpaper” to be installed)

Backup and restore widget settings

One can save their widget settings on their SD card and restore it later by just installing the same apk.

Custom Notifications for Tasks, Weather, Mail & More

Chronus information widgets have the following additional features of development interest. Please note that any of this could break or not work properly in future releases.

Ability to add new widgets from inside Chronus. Developers can add their widgets and submit them for other users to use by just registering at our website.

Ability to trigger a Tasker task from inside Chronus. Users can launch any pre-defined or custom tasker action by just clicking on the “Task” button. For example

Android Wear support and a basic Chronus Wear watch face

If you have a Wear watch, open Chronus from there and you will see a new “Watch” tab in the preferences. In this tab, one can see their Wear device’s IP address and trigger Tasker tasks directly from the watch by just clicking on the Task button.

PRO Key of Chronus Information Widgets Mod Apk

  • 5 Widgets
  • Unlocking all plugins and themes as well as adding new widgets from APKsPure for free.
  • Additional Widgets (Forecast, Calendar, Clock+ (Forecast), Fit+ and Stocks)
  • Please note that the Pro version of this app does not have any weather provider key and therefore you cannot enable weather forecast without buying a weather provider key.
  • Your purchase of the key supports our efforts and enables us to keep improving Chronus.
  • Many more alignment, style, colour and layout options for all widgets
  • Widget Skins (a dozen skins to choose from)
  • Tasker, Weather, Calendar and Tasks. Plus add new ones.
  • Customizable Navigation bar support for Android 5+ devices
  • Icon Packs support for Calendar, Weather and Tasks widgets with icon auto-install from SD card
  • More options for the Chronus Wear watch face
  • Notification Weather icons
  • Unlock all plugins and themes as well as add new widgets from APKsPure for free.

Chronus Information Widgets Mod Apk for your phone. This app can be installed on any Android device and displays the time, day of the week, battery level, free storage space on the SD card or phone memory, date, and temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The widget has three different sizes to choose from so it won’t take up too much room on your screen. There are also two themes available: light and dark mode.

Step 1. Download Chronus Information Widgets from the download link above and save it to your phone.

Step 2. Install the apk file on your Android phone. Make sure you have “Unknown Sources” enabled in Settings > Security or Settings > Additional Settings for your device to be able to install it.

Step 3. Once installed, simply open your app drawer and you will see the new “Chronus” widget. Tap on it and you will see all the available widgets.

Step 4. The original version of Chronus only has a few widgets, but with this modded apk you can unlock all of them. Tap on the widget you want to add and tap “Edit” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Chronus Information Widgets Apk is a powerful app that delivers customizable infographics to your Android device. This application can help you understand the next time for an event, the weather forecast, or even what’s trending on social media. It also has an alarm feature so you never miss anything important again.

Q. What is Chronus Information Widgets Apk?

A. It’s a simple application that shows your current date and time, along with the forecast weather. You can find all of this information in one compact widget, which is why Chronus Information Widgets is great for freeing up space on your device.

Q: How can I install it?

A: Installing Chronus Information Widgets is simple and only takes a few seconds. To do this, you must first allow your phone to install third-party applications, which can be completed by going to the security section of your settings. Once this is done, you can download the application from their official site and tap “Install” when it’s complete.

Q: What can I use this app for?

A: Chronus Information Widgets have plenty of uses, especially when you consider that it comes with a variety of widgets. You can use this app for checking the weather, finding your current location, tracking upcoming calendar events, and much more.

The app is even capable of tracking social media trends, which can be useful to businesses who want to stay on top of what’s trending.

Q. Is Chronus Information Widgets Apk available on the APKsPure?

A. No, this modded apk is a third-party app that isn’t available to download on Google Play. This is because it contains additional features that aren’t allowed in official apps, which is why you have to download it from their official site. This is very easy to do and only takes a few seconds.


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What's new

Version 22.6 and Wear 9.4
- Re-adds Wear Watchface to main app listing
- Weather: Update Wunderground support
- Weather: Support OpenWeatherMap 3.0
- Add alignment option for Clock+ widget
- Add support for Android 13 (Tiramisu)
- Updated libraries and APIs
- Updated translations

- Weather notification Status bar icon type
- Chronus wear app link
- Startup crash in v22.3
- Wear settings crash in v9.4
- News feed sort summary
- Backup UX inconsistency



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