Corona warning app: Change in risk calculation


Future notification also after brief contacts

As part of the update podcast with the episode name “The digital virus watchdog”, the responsible press spokesmen from Telekom and SAP talked about possible modifications to the Corona warning app. Dr. Justus Benzler (epidemiology) and Thomas Klingbeil (software expert from SAP). Here, the four of them spoke about the app’s new risk calculation. In the future, not only longer contacts with a minimum length of 10 minutes should be taken into account. With the appropriate update, even short-term contacts become relevant. The Corona warning app takes this into account as a risk encounter, especially if you have had contact with a person that has been proven to be infected for at least 5 minutes.

More risk encounters as a result

In the course of the update there will probably be more frequent “encounters with low risk”. This is at least the case if you often use public transport or are in other crowds. This is a very useful update. Of course, the app developers are also aware of this. They hope that the more sensitive measurement of risk encounters will result in a more precise detection of relevant encounters with infected people.


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