Electronic signatures, the signature of the future

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In our digital age, manual signatures are always a bit out of date. After all, we can now handle even large transfer amounts conveniently via online banking. Why can’t we then also give our signature on the PC or smartphone , you ask yourself? This is now also possible. The magic word here is electronic signature. In the following we would like to go into more detail about the possibilities and different forms of electronic signatures. In addition, with Yousign we highlight an eSignature software that opens up many possibilities for you.

Electronic signatures

Three different forms of electronic signature

In European law, there are three different levels of electronic signature. The so-called eIDAS regulation divides digital signatures into an “electronic signature”, an “advanced electronic signature” and a “qualified electronic signature”. This classification is made in order to give people recommendations on how to use the special signatures.

Simple electronic signature

The simple electronic signature is the rudimentary form of the digital signature. It is particularly suitable for contracts whose legal risks do not extend too far. For example, the simple electronic signatures are ideal for internal processes in a company. Simple electronic signatures can be conveniently sent by email . Alternatively, you can easily insert the signature as an image into a document.

Advanced electronic signature

The advanced electronic signature goes one step further. These are particularly suitable for legal transactions that involve a medium legal risk. For example, advanced electronic signatures can be used in inter-company transactions. Offers and the resulting contracts are given a reliable legal basis thanks to advanced electronic signatures.

Qualified electronic signature

If you want the greatest possible legal security, you should use a qualified electronic signature. This has the same effect on all contracts as a handwritten signature. This means that it can even be used for loan agreements, for example.

Yousign: Your way to the electronic signature

With the help of Yousign, you get tailor-made eSignature software that does exactly what it should. It has never been so easy to get contracts. At first glance, the software scores with its overview and ease of use.

You can use Yousign for the most common contracts. The software is particularly suitable for employment contracts, rental contracts and sales contracts.

Convenient signature at the push of a button

Regardless of whether you are a large company or a small start-up – with Yousign you can comfortably embed your internal paperwork on legal security. For example, the software offers you practical on-boarding for new employees. The tasks in the HR department are not only straightforward, but also legally safe. As soon as the focus is on contracts or other agreements with a legal obligation, thanks to Yousign they can be conveniently provided with an e Signature.

Thanks to the practical functions of Yousign, not only important documents about employees can be conveniently managed. On top of that, you can add new employees to your team much more easily. Issues such as health insurance and co. Can be easily signed by the HR department. This makes it easy for new employees to join. The signatures correspond to the applicable EU standards. It is not without reason that large companies such as Allianz, Roland Berger and Viessmann rely on electronic signatures from Yousign.

Advantages of electronic signatures

Although we are in the digital age, contracts are still associated with a lot of work. In addition to the unnecessary paperwork, appropriate forms also have to be sent back and forth regularly. Yousign thinks this is no longer up-to-date and offers with its e-signature software a real alternative to outdated manual signing. In the latter, there are weaknesses due to the many different work steps that can ultimately lead to delayed conclusion of contracts or even negative legal consequences.

When companies rely on e-signature software like Yousign, processes can be optimized significantly. Support for important software such as Word is particularly practical. This means that signed forms can be easily sent as PDFs. You can also request important signatures from your customers thanks to Yousign.

With eSignature software you gain one thing above all: time. You can just work much faster if you don’t have to get each signature individually.


If you deal with the topic of electronic signatures, the question quickly arises why traditional signatures are still used at all. Corresponding digital signatures can bring significant advantages, especially within companies . Above all, this saves a lot of time that is better off elsewhere. The topic of home office should also be kept in mind. After all, even after the corona crisis, many companies will continue to rely on working from home. Anyone looking for optimized processes should definitely take a look at e-signature software like Yousign.

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