Eutelsat Konnect satellite internet with up to 100 Mbit / s in download

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Transmission of 100 Mbit / s via satellite internet

With the switching of the spot beams, the fast satellite internet is quickly widespread and is a real option, especially for underserved regions. The planned expansion of Eutelsat will soon be completed. The last and thus fifth spot beam is to be switched in the coming month. According to information from the operator, the satellite internet is measured with the Skylogic speed test for satellite internet, not as usual by the Federal Network Agency. On February 11, 2021, a data rate for the satellite internet of Eutelsat Konnect of 120 Mbit / s was measured. For the capacity, the company has signed contracts with TIM in Italy and Orange in France.

For the time being, the company would like to concentrate on the expansion of the satellite Internet on European areas. In particular, the countries with a high demand are in the focus of Eutelsat Konnect, including countries such as Italy, Germany, France and Great Britain. Overall, the total capacity of 75 GBit / s is to be distributed over 65 spot beams from the company. Once the demand in Europe has been met, the company will use the remaining capacities in Africa.

Eutelsat profits increase unexpectedly

The Eutelsat share was able to register an increase of almost 7 percent on Friday, whereby the company exceeded the profit expectations for the first half year. This can be attributed to the new contracts and the commissioning of the Konnect satellite.

Speeds and prices

Eutelsat offers with its satellite internet Konnect a download speed of up to 100 Mbit / s and an upload speed of up to 5 Mbit / s. At these speeds, access to the satellite Internet will cost 69.99 euros per month. In addition, two more tariffs are to be included in the offer with 30 Mbit / s and 50 Mbit / s. A fee of 49 euros is payable for activation. The service for the installation is to cost 99 euros and take place by the end of March 2021.

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