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May 26, 2023
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EZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk The best Android apps in the world are made in India. Did you know that? The fact is, Indians can code and create just about anything they put their minds to. And when it comes to mobile development, Indian developers have what it takes to compete with any other country out there.

The latest example of this is the Screen Recorder mod apk app for android devices – an awesome innovation by a team of developers from India’s Silicon Valley Bangalore. This video recorder app transforms your phone into a high-quality webcam for recording videos on your computer or laptop screen and also check out AZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk.

With this amazing new Android app available now, you’ll be able to record all your online games like never before. It records what you see on your phone and saves it directly to your phone. It can even record sound from both your computer or laptop mic and the phone’s mic simultaneously.

What is EZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk

EZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk is the best screen recorder app for Android. It lets you record your phone’s screen and also live streaming to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, TikTok, SoundCloud. The app has an easy-to-use interface with no watermarks or ads on videos recorded with it.

The best thing about the EZ Screen recorder Mod Apk is that it doesn’t limit your recording time or screen size. You can record as long as you want and of any length on your device. And with no time limits to worry about on-screen recording, streaming, recording your screen, videos can be anything you want.

You can use it to record gameplays especially the Android games like PUBG Mobile, Pokemon Go, etc. You can also record dance or cooking tutorials, creating video blogs (vlog) on the go, and much more with this awesome app for free!

Features of EZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk

The EZ Screen Recorder mod apk is an application that allows you to record your screen with ease. It has many features like the ability to configure recording settings, upload videos, download videos, and more. With the latest version, you can stream and record videos in real-time.

You’ll be able to record any video on your device’s screen with no limitations like length or size. The app lets you configure advanced settings like bit rate, camera frame rates, aspect ratio, and more. You can choose between manual or schedule screen recording too.

EZ Screen Recorder is an app that lets you record your phone’s screen with ease. With this app, you can also stream and capture videos in real-time. You could even upload your recorded videos directly to YouTube from the application itself.

Screen Recording

You can pause and restart the screen recording anytime. You can also adjust the quality of the video before you start recording. The best part is that it allows you to keep all your videos even after stopping or pausing them mid-way.

You could live stream games and other content on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook directly from the EZ Screen Recorder app itself! All you need to do is configure some settings like resolution, bit rate, etc.

More Features

With this app, you will be to upload videos directly onto YouTube or download them onto your phone. You can also configure the time duration of the videos to be recorded, and add custom watermarks too! Besides all this, you will get a video editor application within the app for free.

EZ Screen Recorder pro-apk is an Android application that enriches your capturing experience by adding many useful features like Adding webcam overlay texts (captions) while recording and streaming.

Multiple Device Support

This Android screen recorder can connect to multiple devices at the same time, enabling you to record multiple screens simultaneously. With the help of EZ Stream Recorder Mod Apk, you could record videos from other streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, TikTok, and SoundCloud too.

The only downside to this application is that it does not support external microphones or front or rear cameras video recording yet. Besides that, it’s an excellent Android screen recorder that you can use on your device.

Applications of versatile

Among the most common reasons for using a screen, the recorder is to show others how something works on your phone. You can record yourself in action while demonstrating your skills, tutorials, or even gameplay.

Pro key of EZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk

  • Unlimited screen recording.
  • No watermarks on videos.
  • No ads on recorded videos.
  • Background recording sound and video.
  • Change the name of every video.
  • No time limit for screen recording.
  • Record external sound.
  • Streaming to multiple.
  • Capture the front and rear cameras.
  • Record your screen as a video file.
  • Import recorded videos to PC with USB cable.
  • Record your favorite moments.
  • Unlimited videos, no limit.
  • Record the screen when other applications are open.

How to Download and Install EZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk

So you’re looking for a free screen recorder app with no ads, right. EZ Screen Recorder is the answer. You can record video games, tutorials, or anything on your phone and it’s completely free! Better yet, there are NO annoying in-app purchases.

Step 1. First, you’ll need to download the EZ Screen recorder app from apkspure.com. You can get it here.

Step 2. Once the app is installed on your phone, open it. You’ll be greeted with a setup menu. On this screen, you can select the device you would like to connect to.

Step 3. Once you press the Finish button, your device will be connected to the app.

Step 4. After you’ve confirmed these settings, press the Start Recording button. From there, you can begin recording your screen.

Step 5. Once you’re done recording, press the Stop button on the app. That’s all! You can now share your recording with your favorite social media applications.

EZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk FAQs

EZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk is a popular app that can be downloaded for free on apkspure.com. This article will answer some of the FAQs about this app, including what it does and how to use it. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Q. How do I record video games?

A. To record a game, open the desired app that has been installed on your device. Find the hotkey that you would like to use then go back to the EZ Screen Recorder app.

Q. How do I stream on social media?

A. To stream on social media, you should first open the app that contains your desired game. Open another tab and go to YouTube or Facebook. Then, connect your phone to a PC and open a screen recording software.

Q. Is EZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk safe?

A. Yes, it is considered safe because this app will not harm your phone. This app simply records the screen of your device and all it does is record what you see on your screen.

Q. Why should I use this app?

A. EZ Screen Recorder is a great option for those that want to record their phone screens without having to purchase an expensive app. This free screen recording app is completely safe and it’s very easy to use.

Q. How do I transfer the video recordings to my PC?

A. To transfer your videos, you should open EZ screen recorder pro-Apk and connect your phone to a PC via USB cable. Once the connection is made, the video will be saved on your machine.


I hope you enjoyed this article about EZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk. This app is free and safe to download, plus it’s one of the few that’s completely free and does not have any in-app purchases at all. If you’re looking for a free screen recorder, definitely give this one a try. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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