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May 16, 2023
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Footej Camera 2 Mod Apk is the second version of the previously developed app Footej Camera which was exclusively targeting Windows Phone users. But now this professional and advanced camera app is available for iOS and Android users also and they can use their android devices to shoot excellent pictures with these latest features introduced by this app. You

can simply download this app on your device by using the link provided at the end of the post Also Check out Camera360 Mod Apk.

The app was launched on October 24, 2018, for Android users and it is available free of cost i.e without any cost and you can directly download it on your device. The app is officially available only in the English language but the good news is that this latest version of Footej Camera 2 features translation into different languages like; Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil region), Turkish, and Indonesia.

Now coming to the features of this app, its developers have added some new features but they are still working on them to provide the best experience to their users. The current version is available without any bugs or lags and it can be used smoothly on all types of android devices.

Footej Camera 2 Mod APK is an app that allows you to take pictures with more features. You can edit your photos by adding filters, cropping the picture, and adjusting the brightness of the photo before uploading it on social media sites.

This modded version of the Footej camera has some additional features like face recognition, time-lapse video recording, slow-motion effect, and panorama mode among others. The developers have also a feature to add photos directly to Instagram.

You can also download MOD APK of Footej Camera 2 which is loaded with some additional features such as face beauty, time-lapse video recording, and slow-motion effect among others. It allows you to capture photos and record videos in portrait mode and panorama mode. The main feature of this app is that it does not require any login details and no in-app purchases.

Footej Camera 2 Mod APK is a camera application that has been modified from the original. The developer of this app, Footej, modifies it to have more features and better performance than the original. This camera app does not need any data connection or Wi-Fi so you can take pictures anywhere at any time with no worries about your phone’s battery running out.

Simple and bloat-free user interface

The user interface of this app is very simple and easy to use. When you open the app, there is just one button for taking pictures with a tick mark on it. You can toggle between front or back cameras without having to go back to the menu. There is also an option where you can switch between different filters like normal, black and white, vintage, Lomo effect, etc.

You can even choose different styles of borders for your photos before saving them onto your phone’s storage or sharing them onto social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Full control over brightness

When you take pictures using this app, you will notice that the screen will not be too bright which makes it easier for users to see what they are shooting. You can also control the brightness of the screen by dragging your finger towards the left or right side.

Different modes such as portrait and panorama

This app has various modes such as portrait, panorama, and even slow-motion mode which allows you to capture quality pictures. You can also use these modes when recording video with this app. The slow-motion setting is what makes it different from other apps available in the market and gives users an edge over their competitors.

Face beauty

This feature is exclusive for female users who want to take selfies with a filter that enhances their features and makes them look beautiful in photos. This filter will make your skin look flawless without having to edit photos in any way after they have been taken.

Amazing Photo and Video quality

The quality of photos and videos taken using this app is the best of all cameras available in the market. Its 16 MP camera can be used to take pictures with a resolution of 4208 x 3120 pixels while its 8 MP front camera makes taking selfies a breeze. You can even switch between the back and front camera without having to go back to the menu.

 Burst mode

This app also has a burst mode which allows you to take multiple photos at once. This feature comes in handy when taking pictures of events or large groups of people because it will make the job easier for you.

Exposure lock

Using this app, users can control the exposure by locking onto it and adjusting it according to their liking. They do not have to tap anywhere on the screen for this feature to work. Once they have found what they are looking for, they can even lock the shutter button so that all their photos are clear and sharp without any disturbances.

Time lapse video recording

If you want to see how long your cat sits on your lap or how fast your lizard climbs up a wall, then this feature is the one for you. You can capture all these moments using this feature and then view them later when you are in the mood.

Low light photography

This app has an amazing low-light mode which allows users to take quality pictures even in complete darkness. This means that they do not need to use flashlights or other devices to see what they are shooting at night. If your phone does not have a good front camera, then this is one of its best features because it will allow you to take high-quality selfies when there is no lighting around you.

Advanced photo editing options

If you want to edit photos after taking them, then this app also has various tools that can be used for the purpose such as filters, stabilizers, and more. You can also add stickers and other features to your photos before saving them onto your phone’s storage or sharing them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

  • Selfie Light
  • Stickers
  • Photo editor tools
  • Burst mode
  • Face beauty
  • Exposure lock
  • Time Video Edit
  • Advanced photo editing options
  • Panorama mode
  • Slow motion video recording
  • etc…

Footej Camera 2 Mod Apk is an app that allows you to change the camera settings on your phone. It has features like filters, frames, and more! The App provides these features without ads or in-app purchases. Download it now and get started with a new way of taking photos.

Step 1. Download the Footej Camera 2 to your phone via this link.

Step 2. Install the app, run it, then set it up.

Step 3. After setting it up, close the app from your recent apps list, and uninstall/disable any pre-existing camera apps you had installed on your phone.

Step 4. Finally, open the app again and enjoy!

Do you want to know how to use the Footej Camera 2 Mod APK? This blog post will answer all your questions and more. It’s easy to install, so read on.

Q 1. Why is the app crashing when opening it for the first time?

A. Update the app with the latest APK, and it should work again.  If you installed the modded version of the app, uninstall it and install the official one from the play store.

Q 2. Why can’t I download the APK?

A. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting your phone and installing it again.

Q 3. How do I uninstall the modded version of the app?

A. The easiest way would be to go to settings>apps, look for the app, and uninstall it like normal.

Q 4. Why can’t I take photos with the front camera?

A. Make sure your settings are set to “Auto” for both the rear and front cameras.


I hope you all enjoyed this app and its many features. If you have any problems, feel free to comment down below so we can help you solve your problem! A good camera app is a necessity for all smartphone users and App provides just that. So download the Footej Camera 2 Mod Apk now.

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