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InShot - Powerful FREE HD Video Editor and Video Maker with professional features. Add music, transition effects, text, emoji and filters, blur background and etc!
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October 29, 2021
5.0 and up
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Here is the latest version of InShot Pro MOD APK for Android, an application for enhancing photos and videos. An unlocked version of InShot Pro Apk does not contain a watermark.

  • You’re able to use any filter and premium effect.
  • All paid features are free with Inshot Pro.
  • APK version of Inshot mod is watermark-free.
  • Contains all pro features.
  • Animations and stickers have been unlocked.

If you are using Android 5.0 and up, make sure to enable permissions manually by going to Settings > Apps > App Name > Permissions | Display over other apps.

What is InShot Pro APK

A popular video and photo editing application, InShOt Pro! Get InShot Pro Mod Apk for FREE, fully unlocked with all premium filters! With its professional features, InShot Pro is a powerful HD video editor and video maker. There are many options to add music, transition effects, text, emoji, filters, blur background, etc!

With Inshot Pro, you can professionally edit videos. Keep a record of your most precious moments. Easily create videos, edit videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms with this top movie maker and HD video editor with music. InShot features a photo editor as well. Using Photo Editor, you can edit your selfies, make collages, and add text and stickers. Make stories for Instagram.

You can edit videos and photos with this powerful app. Get InShot Pro Apk for Android with all Premium features without watermark. From our site, you can download the InShot pro apk for free. Inshot Pro offers all the premium features you need to edit professional photos and videos. Inshot pro apk, free to download, allows you to make incredible videos and photos.

What’s more important is that there is no watermark when you edit anything in Inshot. With Inshot Pro apk, all watermarks are removed.

What makes InShot pro Video & Photo Editor the best?

This app allows you to edit videos and photos on your mobile device. Numerous YouTubers use our premium video and photo editing applications. You can use this application to edit videos as well as photos on your mobile device. Videos and photos can be used however you like. Photos and videos can be enhanced with a cinematic effect. Among mobile device photo and video editors, InShot Pro is the best.

What Permission Does InShot Pro Need?

Permissions given to this app are as follows:


  • Take audio recordings

Photographs, media, and files

  • Your USB storage can be modified or deleted
  • Your USB storage device can be read


  • Your USB storage can be modified or deleted
  • Your USB storage device can be read


  • Connect to the Internet and receive data
  • Configuration of Google services: read it
  • View your network connections
  • Access to the entire network
  • Don’t let your device sleep

Key Features of InShot Pro

  • Upload your own music, either mp3 files or another format, to the video.
  • Several entertaining sound effects.
  • You can add voice-overs.
  • With timeline features, you can sync video and sound easily.
  • Audio volume control for MP3 songs as well as original video audio.
  • You can add text to videos and photos.
  • Edit the photo with emojis.
  • Text and emojis can be synced with video using timeline features.
  • Video and photo blur borders. Prepare it for Instagram by making it square.
  • It is square ready due to the colored border.
  • Within the square, place the video/photo.

Using Advanced Photo Editor

This is a professional video editor app, but it is also an advanced professional photo editor that will allow you to create awesome-looking pictures and selfies for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can easily edit photos with it.

  • This app offers amazing filters
  • There are also a number of effects
  • Adjustable options include lightness, contrast, warmth, tint, saturation, HSL, and Fade.
  • In addition, you can customize your photo with plenty of templates.

A quick review of the system requirements

In case you are curious about finding a download button and subsequently hitting it, here’s an important note: photo editing requires heavy processing, so if you’re running a mobile device, consider the following system requirements.

  • Processor with dual cores
  • A GPU based on the Qualcomm Adreno 500 series
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM required
  • Note: Android 5.0 and above is required for compatibility
  • There is a storage space of 500 MB

Be sure to uninstall InShot Pro Apk before you download the modified app, as both Apps cannot be accessed together.

Signing up or signing in is not required for inshot mod apk.

InShot Pro: What’s New:

  • Support for PIP. Video/photo overlays can be added.
  • Key for the PIP chroma
  • Tools to work with colors (Eyedropper, Palette)
  • Trimming and zooming the timeline
  • Under 1 second clips
  • GIF stickers can be customized.
  • 200% volume support
  • *Silicon Estate* – New Album
  • Other improvements and bug fixes
  • Added premium features
  • Fixed bugs and improved performance.

How To Install InShot Pro/Mod APK

Installing the Inshot Pro app can be accomplished in two different ways. If you want to download the Inshot app for free, you can download it from Google Play/App Store. If you would rather have the shot pro or mod app, then you can follow our second method, which is the same way we gave you instructions, and download the short pro or mod app.

  • Click the download button to begin the download process.
  • The page will open in a new window
  • Click on the version you want and choose it.
  • The download has been started as can be seen.
  • Download and install this app in the file manager.
  • Enjoy all key features without a watermark when you open it now.

Download InShOt Pro Mod APK For PC

You can also use the Inshot Pro apk on your computer or laptop if you prefer to edit videos and photos on a large screen, like a computer or laptop. You will visit a page where you will find all the information about Inshot pro for PC as soon as you click on the following button.

Explain All Features in Detail

Inshot Pro offers many premium features. Let’s discuss them in detail. For more information about this app, please read the following:


With the canvas tools, you can change the video’s background. Canvas can be used on your video to apply a background and then you will see an option for changing the background. Click on it to change the background.

Filters And Effects

If you use these amazing effects in the video, you can make your video more attractive and help you create a cinematic shoot.

3D Stickers

InShot App’s Like sticker is my favorite because you can get lots of 3D stickers with animation that looks absolutely amazing and cool.

Fast And Slow Motion

Your video can also be slowed down or sped up. You can then control the speed of your video according to your wishes by clicking on the speed icon below your video clip.

Additional Photo Editor Features

A running video can be trimmed, music can be added, and images can also be added. Video editing also allows you to add your own voice.

Fonts & Text

It is possible to add Text in Video with tons of amazing fonts and you can also add In and Out effects to the Text, providing a smooth and nice experience for your viewers.


There are a lot of pre-edited templates available and using them you can create incredible photos in just a few seconds. All you need to do is choose the template you prefer, and then your cool-looking picture is ready.

Inshot pro APK all filters unlocked

This app is only popular because of the amazing filters it offers to all of us. You have access to hundreds of filters and effects in this app, but most of the really nice ones are paid. You need to purchase the premium or pro version of this application if you wish to use all the filters. However, if you do not desire to purchase this application, you can still use all the filters offered on this site. For free, you can download the Inshot pro apk now and you’ll get all the amazing filters for free, along with the ability to use it anytime and anywhere.

How to Unlock All Filter and Effects

The following are the steps you must follow:-

  • InShot Pro Apk should be installed first.
  • Click on the purchase button on Inshot’s premium subscription then Go Back and cancel it.
  • Once that’s done, feel free to use all of the pro filters for free.

Pro Video Editor & Slideshow Maker

You can create professional-level videos with the Inshot Pro app’s video editing interface as it has tons of features for video editing. It does not have watermarks and you can also create slideshows with various layouts, designs, and temples. As well as all of the basic tools you need such as cut, crop, trim, zoom in, zoom out, and much more, some advanced video editing tools such as speed, reverse, freeze, and color correction are also available.

Additional Info inshot pro

?Video editor with all the features you need

You can trim and cut videos. A video cutter and cropper app that allows you to trim and cut videos. Adding more than one clip to a video, splitting a video into two parts.

* Video merger. Merge multiple videos into one. Compress and combine videos without sacrificing quality.

* Crop and export videos in HD quality. Create vertical pro vlogs and movies with this easy-to-use tool.

* Your photo and video can be sized according to the aspect ratio. With No Crop, you can create Instagram videos easily and edit TikTok videos.

* Reverse. By clicking the rewind button, you can rewind the video.

Video can be rotated and flipped.

?A recorder, a sound effect, and music

With this video-making application, you can make videos with Vlog music. You can add your own music or use the InShot featured music.

Music can be extracted from videos.

* You can record your own voice in your video.

A music fade-in-and-out option and the ability to adjust the music volume are provided.

?Effects of transitions in videos

By merging two clips, you can make their transitions more cinematic by adding transition effects! InShot can turn you into an expert in montage video creation with just one click.

A total of 60+ transitions are now available in InShot. These include fade ins/outs, glitches, lights, ghosts, slices, etc.

✨Filters & Effects for Video

The ability to add movie-style video filters, full effects such as Glitch, Retro, RGB, and more.

* Adjust saturation, contrast, brightness, etc. Video effects and filters that can be customized.

✏️Text and sticker

The text can be added to a video in multiple fonts.

Emojis and animated stickers can be added to the message. There are more than 1000 stickers!

Text and stickers can be animated with animation effects.

Video and photo memes can be added.

?Control of video speed

Make adjustments to video speed with filters and effects. The fastest and slowest full-screen movie maker available.

* Add slow motion to videos or speed them up. The range is between 0.2x and 100x!

Take a moment to freeze.

?An easy way to convert videos and create slideshows

The MP4 format can easily be converted to video. App to cut videos for free.

Create photo slideshows with music by merging photos.

?Background & Ratio

Aspect ratio-fitted videos should be used. Instagram is 1:1, YouTube is 16:9, and TikTok is 9:16.

* Change the border and do not crop. Blurred video and color backgrounds.

It’s easy to share.

* HD video editor (providing 1080p or 4K videos), professional movie maker with custom video export resolutions

  • On social media, share your everyday life with others!

?️Collage and photo editing services

There are lots of stylish collage layouts.

* Colorful backgrounds, blurred backgrounds, and unique filters.

* Supports multiple ratios. The frame is adorable.

Add funny meme stickers to your pictures using our 1000+ stickers.

InShot is an app that allows you to edit both videos and photos. Create amazing videos with cool transitions and effects with InShot, adding music, text, and emojis with ease. Fast/slow motion is a great feature. To get more likes, you can edit your vlogs with music and photos for Facebook or upload them to TikTok for more likes.


Q: How Can I Remove The “InShot” Watermark?

Answer. Download the PRO APK file from our website and open our InShot Video Editing app, to get rid of the watermark from the InShot App. The PRO APK is all you need to do to remove the watermark from InShot.

Q: Is InShot a Paid App?

Because Inshot is a free app, it is available both for free and for a fee, so on that basis, I would conclude that Inshot is a paid app. The premium subscription of this app is not necessary because you can access many features of this application without paying.

Q: How Can I download InShot Pro APK for Free?

Since this is a paid app, Inshot Pro is available as well. Students, however, who don’t want to spend their money on purchasing this app, can use InShot Pro free of charge. Here you can download the latest APK version from our website.

Q: Can we use all the filters in InShot Mod APK?

Video editing and photo editing apps have filters and effects as crucial features to create appealing photos and videos. Using the mod/pro apk of Inshot will allow you to use all filters. For more information on the modified version, click here.

Q: Will InShot Support 4K Video Editing?

Video with a resolution of 4K has 3840 x 2160 pixels. The density of pixels per inch. Yes, inshot supports 4K Ultra HD video rendering. However, make sure your smartphone can also play 4K videos.

Q: Will InShot Mod Apk work on Xiaomi or Mi Devices?

The answer is yes. APK InShot works with Xiaomi and Mi smartphones, as well as almost all Android devices.


With this article, we have covered all the program details so that if you want the paid features of the application, you can download the program from the link we have given and I hope you enjoy it. The premium version of this app is safe and secure. You can download this free application to edit videos and photos, and you have access to all the features of Inshot Pro for free.

Stay updated with the Inshot app by bookmarking this website. There are no updates available for the Inshot Pro app in the Google Play store, and if the app is updated from the Google Play store, the premium features will become unavailable, so you’ll have to follow this website for the latest updates.

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