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MegPolis Mod Apk is one of the latest android games in which you can get unlimited everything such as money, gems etc. You can build your own building..
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Have you ever thought of placing some tall buildings on your land, but you didn’t have the right tools? It wasn’t easy for you to draw the roads and put the facilities and other details that a city needs. If that’s the case, stop crying because here comes Megapolis Apk, a game that will help you design and develop the city of your dreams.

If you have played the popular city-building game, you have undoubtedly heard about the megapolis mod apk. 

Megapolis Hack is a simulation game. It gives you the creative power to design and develop your city. The game also lets you build roads, bridges, houses, and skyscrapers.

Megapolis Mod Apk


megapolis mod

What is Megapolis Mod apk?

Megapolis is a city-building game and a simulation of the same type. You can develop your city at your own pace and watch it grow into a bustling metropolis. So get your fingers ready because there are tons of things that should be fixed, improved, and built.

You can create your city and design it in any way you want. Megapolis Mod has many different buildings that you can use in your town. Some of them include:


 There are different kinds of houses that you can place in your cities, such as apartments, single-family homes, condos, and more.

If you place an apartment building near the beach, it will attract tourists who come to visit the beach every day, but if you put it next to a park, it will attract families with kids who want to live close by so they can play with their kids at the park every day.


You can also build offices which will attract businesses looking for office space in your city so they can set up shop there, as well as employees who work at these companies, will also live nearby, so they don’t have far to go when going home after work each day.


They provide you with housing for your population and allow them to work at jobs in your city.


These buildings sell goods that your citizens will need to buy from them. They also generate money for you to build more shops and expand your city.


 These buildings are important because they increase the health of your citizens by curing them of any diseases they might have picked up while walking around in your city. The higher-level hospital you build, the more patients it can handle at once and the better care it provides to its patients.


 These buildings allow you to purchase construction materials at a discount by paying with coins instead of actual cash. They will enable you to build more quickly without waiting for items to be delivered from far away places like China or Japan!

megapolis apk

Features of Megapolis Mod Apk

There are different features of the megapolis mod apk app are:

New Buildings and Items

New buildings and items are available in your cities, such as the Central Park and The Big Ben Clock Tower. These give you more options when designing and decorating your city. You can also add some statues and fountains to make your city look even better.

New Events

You can now participate in different events such as the Summer Olympics or the Food Festival, which will allow you to earn more rewards from their respective types of buildings like hotels or restaurants. 

They will help improve your overall ranking on leaderboards by making more points during these events so that other players will notice you more quickly when they are looking for new friends or rivals to play against.

Unlimited Money in Game

The money will keep increasing every time you play so that you don’t face any hindrance while playing the game. The feature helps speed up the progress rate of your city and its growth rate.

 Unlimited Coins

Megapolis Mod APK TechBigs is a strategy-building game where you can build your city from scratch and make it flourish by growing its population. It has been receiving regular updates. You can build residential houses, commercial buildings, industrial plants, etc. All these buildings have their unique features, which will help in making your city more prosperous and thriving.

Megapolis City: Village To Town mod apk 

 It also features different transportation options such as buses, subways, and trains essential for efficiently moving people around your city. You will also get access to other modes of transportation such as cars or even bicycles so that people can travel easily within your city even if they do not own their vehicle.

Advantages of Megapolis Mod Apk Games

Realistic Graphics

The graphics used in the game are very realistic, making the player feel like playing the game. The building models are also very detailed and look beautiful. The game controls are also easy to understand, so you can easily control your city without any difficulty.

Various Modes

Various modes are available in the game; each way has unique features that differentiate it from other methods. 

You can play these modes by choosing different types of buildings and characters according to your choice and requirement. You can also play these modes with your friends or family online or offline without hassle or difficulty!

Free To Play

Megapolis Mod is entirely free to play and download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store without paying any money from your pocket. It means that you can play unlimited without spending money on it.

No Ads

There are no ads in the game, which means no ads will pop up while playing the game or when you are playing the music files downloaded from YouTube or other websites and watching videos on the YouTube website itself.

Disadvantages of Megapolis Mod Apk

  • The disadvantage with Mega  Mod Apk Games is that you cannot play it offline.
  •  Ads are shown in the free version of the app, but there are no ads in the paid version of the app.

Steps to download Megapolis

 Step 1: Download the Mega Polis modded APK file from the link given below.

Step 2: Launch the File Manager app on your Android device and locate the Mega Polis ask that you just transferred. 

Step 3: The installation process will begin automatically. Once it is completed, open up the app and start playing without ads!

Megapolis Mod Apk for ios

1- Go to Mac App Store and search “megapolis.”

2- Download it from there.

3- Open the app and play it by spending money or using our cheat codes.


Do I need to root my Android device?

No, but it is highly recommended!

Is this mod available for all devices?

Yes! The mod has been tested on multiple devices, and it works great.

How do I get unlimited money in Megapolis?

There are many ways to get unlimited money in Megapolis, but the easiest way is by using the Mega-City Mod Apk.

I have downloaded the mod apk, and I can’t find it. Where do I find it?

You have to enable third-party apps to install the modded game. After that, you will see the installed app icon under the “All Apps” tab. Click on it and start playing!

How do I uninstall this app?

You don’t need to uninstall the app because it doesn’t change anything on your device.


In the end, Megapolis mod apk is the perfect balance of well-considered strategy and informed risks. Take your time to strategize and build up your resources, then take significant risks with high payout potential. The gameplay is addictive and well worth a five-star rating for players of building games and tycoon-style games. 

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