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February 17, 2022
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Ninja Voltage mod apk is a real-time role-playing game based on the Naruto universe. Inspired by epic anime fights, the Naruto x boruto ninja voltage mod apk game is sure to arouse the curiosity of those who love fast-paced action. However, to participate in the game, you will need to join alliances of up to four heroes to complete tasks and compete against other players online. With semi-automatic gameplay, you can unleash each character’s special skills to strike and defend yourself on the battlefield. Also, to attack another player, you will first need to break through his or her fortifications. Meanwhile, with so much emphasis on online competition, you can also use traps and defenses to protect your city from being invaded. Your people and objects will be able to better defend your city or acquire other upgrades and goods faster when you complete missions and attack other communities.


Naruto & Boruto video game has a compelling storyline and addictive gameplay that keeps gamers interested all the time. Therefore, you must build a ninja fortress, and traps and other characters will be carefully placed to protect your fortress. This feature will make it harder for other players to attack and destroy the ninja castle you build.

Players need to complete certain tasks to complete the game. This includes brand new people, objects, and environments. Brilliant gameplay is another feature of the game. Meanwhile, in this game, players take command of a gang of ninjas in a 3D environment.

There are several characters in the game, each with its own unique set of abilities, which are represented by cards. You can upgrade these cards to increase the player’s abilities.

Moreover, if you are a fan of Naruto and Boruto, you will be amazed by this amazing video game. Playing it is a pleasure because of the amazing graphics and responsive controls. Thus, if you complete missions or open Gacha capsules, you can receive these cards as a reward.

What to do:

For Android players, there is an exciting NARUTO NINJA VOLTAGE universe where their favorite players from the series participate in various story missions. Take part in the vast gameplay of the combined series and explore the vast globe full of exciting adventures. However, you can use your shinobi and ninjutsu skills to unlock the game’s most iconic combat moments.

Experience your ninja community from the perspective of a village head. In addition, use and control the strong ninja of the village, giving them access to certain tasks. Get new resources and products by managing and improving village enterprises. This is required for your gameplay.

To expand the community and develop the Shinobi troops, grab your resources. Invade the fortresses of other players and take part in exciting battles. Moreover, rankings are a great way to participate in friendly competitions with other players. Therefore, the ninja palace gameplay is fun to explore as you start building your mighty shinobi castle to repel enemy attacks and protect your city.

Explore the world of NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE for Android with various online quests. Find out what makes this game different and win amazing prizes. Also, make the most of your time in the game with various challenging challenges. You can also enjoy a lot of online hunting with friends and online players.


Become a real Hokage in your city:

For Android players who want to immerse themselves in village management, the game will allow you to take the position of Hokage – the leader of the village. Consider all possible options, from acquiring resources to growing the company, before making a final decision. Hack NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE is an excellent platform for gamers who want to explore their cities and build new buildings. However, you can increase your Kyo collection by upgrading the various trading establishments. The Monument is where you can get your stored chakra back. Also, as you progress through the game, you will come across many other structures to explore. You can also check and download now Subway Surfers Mod from our website apk.

Fortress Battles:

Build the ultimate shinobi fortress to protect your village’s wealth. If you don’t raise your shinobi and set traps, your fortress will be attacked by other players. Attacking the defense of other players is also possible. It is extremely important to understand that guarding and assaulting fortifications will increase your combat rating.

Fortress Battles Between Strategic Ninja Warriors:

  • To protect the village’s supplies, build the last Shinobi Fortress.
  • Use traps, trained shinobi, and other weapons to keep other players away from your castle.
  • Attack and defend fortresses to compete for battle rating.

Uplevel call:

Taking control of the massive citadel is the main objective of the player. Moreover, we must be on top every time a new one is published. Players will choose a character to take part in this challenge after participating in a match. Each challenge sees the players come together with the rest of the squad to discuss and decide on that lofty goal. Therefore, the struggle of the protagonist is a significant milestone on the path to triumph.

Exciting special missions in the game allow Android players to take on new and exciting challenges like never before in history. download boruto ninja open-world game that combines unique gameplay and interactive elements.


Q: Why does NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE Mod Apk require android app permission to download on Android?

A: Some device systems must be accessed by applications. You will “be notified of any additional permissions required once the app is installed.”

Do you have to pay for this or is it free?

Answer. Yes, it’s completely free and free of any malware. Worm repair completed.

Download Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage Mod Apk Unlimited Money

  • Without Internet/Wi-Fi, you can install Download Apk.
  • Install the apk file and complete the installation procedure.
  • Wait for the installation to complete on your Android phone or tablet before use.
  • Now you can use the MOD APK app to get unlimited free resources.


Boruto NEX is one of the most popular characters in the NARUTO X BORUTO anime. In this game, you will defend your fortress from attacks from the outside world. You will collect materials to strengthen your clan. Moreover, in the anime, the community is shown as a fortress. You have the authority to invade neighboring communities. Four players can join the shinobi guild system to fight against other teams or complete missions. You can even unlock new characters.

What's new

■Details of the Ver. 50100 Update
- Adjusted parts of the UI.
- Fixed certain bugs.



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