NVMe-SSD and mSATA-SSD are coming soon

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The storage experts at Kingston have two new SSDs, NVMe-SSD and mSATA-SSD in their portfolio that are about to be launched on the market. The two consumer SSDs are the NV1, which uses NVMe, and the KC600, which uses mSATA as an interface. While the NV1 is completely new, we already know the KC600 as a SSD in a form factor of 2.5 inches.

NVMe-SSD and mSATA-SSD Features

Kingston NV1: NVMe SSD with PCIe Gen3 x4

The company has already been extremely busy this year and has announced some new additions. The SSD flagship with the project name “Ghost Tree” was particularly impressive. But Kingston also enriches the market aside from the high-end SSD. The NV1 is a new product line of NVMe SSDs that is aimed at beginners, but still comes with good features. The NV1, available in the sizes 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB, relies on the M.2 form factor and measures 22 mm in width and 80 mm in length. Thanks to PCIe Gen3 x4, speeds of a maximum of 2,100 MB / s (read) and a maximum of 1,700 MB / s (write) should be possible. We do not yet know which controllers or NAND types Kingston has installed here.

Kingston NV1: NVMe SSD with PCIe Gen3 x4
Kingston NV1 (Image: Kingston)

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The power consumption of the 2.1 mm flat PCIe-SSD is pleasingly low. It should have a power consumption of just 5 milliwatts when idling. When it comes to the nitty-gritty, electricity consumption increases, but it is not high either. The NV1 should need 1.1 watts for reading and 3.3 watts for writing. This shows an optimal use for slim notebooks. After all, a battery-saving SSD is the non plus ultra here. Unfortunately, the TBW figures are also low. For the small version with 500 GB, the value is 120 TB. The two larger ones have 240 TB (1 TB) and 480 TB (2 TB) respectively. Kingston has not yet commented on the prices. In view of the comparatively low TBW values, the NV1 series, which will appear at the end of March, should not be too expensive.

Kingston KC600: 2.5 inches becomes mSATA

The KC600 from Kingston is not a new SSD. But on the contrary. We have known the series for a number of years. But the update already shows a huge difference to the classic model at first glance. Instead of the form factor of 2.5 inches, the KC600 now also uses mSATA. The new model comes in the practical dimensions of 50 mm x 30 mm x 5 mm. Kingston installs an SM2259 controller from Silicon Motion here. On top of that there is a 3D-TLC-NAND on the little card. Kingston has not yet released any further specifications for this. All in all, the equipment of the new “mini version” should correspond to that of the 2.5-inch model. You only have to accept losses in terms of memory size. While the larger SATA model was available with a maximum of 2,048 GB, the new mSATA version comes with a choice of 256 GB, 512 GB and 1,024 GB.

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A look at the speeds again shows parallels to the classic 2.5-inch variant. The KC600 again achieves a maximum of 550 MB / s when reading and a maximum of 520 MB / s when writing. In the IOPS area, a maximum of 90,000 (read) and 80,000 (write) are specified by Kingston. This means that the new KC600 can keep up with the typical values ​​of the competition in the SATA SSD group. Since the SATA interface naturally sets a corresponding limit, this is hardly surprising. The encryption of the hardware still sounds exciting. Kingston relies on AES 256, eDrive and TCG Opal. In the area of ​​the TBW, the values ​​are better than in the upcoming NV1. The KC600 offers around 600 TB per terabyte. Kingston also still owes us the prices of the KC600 in mSATA format. But since this SSD is also due to be launched at the end of March, we will soon be smarter.

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