Online training in comparison

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Have you ever taken part in an online training course? Remote solutions have not just been popular in the education sector since Corona. This is evident not least from the steadily increasing demand for corresponding offers. Online training was created in the course of Industry 4.0 and is growing and thriving. This is not really surprising. After all, professional fields are also changing rapidly in our Internet age. Whoever misses the boat here and does not develop further has few chances on the modern job market.

Tailor-made advanced training

Many of the online training courses are by no means limited to certain professional fields. Rather, you can now take part in training courses for almost every industry. Core competencies are now also being promoted. For managers in particular, points such as negotiating and dealing with employees are of immense importance. A great advantage of online training is that it can also be integrated into the life of working people. So you can comfortably work on your qualifications while working. Anyone looking for online training will quickly find that there is a large selection of providers. You can quickly lose track of things here. This is especially annoying if you only notice in the middle of the training that the provider does not match your own requirements. We want to provide you with perspective. In the following we will introduce you to a few online training courses.


A look on the Internet will quickly lead you to one of the best-known providers of online training: Udemy . Here you will find a gigantic selection of e-Learning content with almost 130,000 available training courses. But despite the large variety of training courses, you have to accept a small damper. At least if you don’t speak English. After all, Udemy offers mainly English-language training courses. There are very few German offers. In addition, there are subject areas that are only covered to a small extent at Udemy. For example, anyone looking for further training on the subjects of law or management will unfortunately look into the tube here. This is at least the case if you yourself are looking for a professional connection to German business law. The reason for this is certainly the fact that Udemy is aimed at an international audience. You can feel this not only in legal areas, but even in subjects with a technical reference. For example, industrial standards applicable in Germany are not taken into account for special technology issues.

Online training in comparison
Top categories at Udemy (Image: Udemy)

The fact that Udemy is a platform for an international audience doesn’t bother in some areas. If you have no language barriers, you can let yourself be sprinkled with exciting training courses in topics such as cooking, travel, art or lifestyle. With all of the exciting content Udemy has to offer, you need to be aware of one thing. So there is no graduation certificate or the like here. Instead, you have to be content with having learned something yourself. Conveniently, Udemy offers you a sophisticated social component. Within the program you can ask questions about the content of the lesson in chats or via e-mail . You can ask the question either to the course instructor or to other participants in the community. In this way, questions that arise can be quickly cleared out of the way. Anyone interested in Udemy can take a look at YouTube. There is already a range of different content available for free. So you can sniff the online training and find out whether it suits you.

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