Razer publishes a reusable drinking straw

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Stainless steel Razer publishes a reusable drinking straw

The straw is made of 304 stainless steel. It has a telescopic design and is therefore variable in terms of size and easy to stow away. It can be adjusted to lengths between 100 and 230 millimeters. This function makes sense because the straw can be adapted to different glass sizes and used as flexibly as possible. In addition to the straw, customers receive a cleaning brush that is also adjustable in length. With it, the straw can be cleaned after each use, which keeps the reusable product in a hygienically perfect condition.

The tip of the drinking straw is made of silicone to make drinking comfortable. The silicone used comes from recycled material, which underlines the environmental friendliness of the new product. While the rest of the drinking straw is black, the silicone tip is colored green – so the product has the Razer brand colors. The storage box, which is included in the scope of delivery, is also kept in the brand colors.

Development towards more sustainability

Reusable drinking straws have been in the advance for some time and are no longer a niche product. The reason for the change towards reusable products is the environmental damage of classic plastic straws, which are among the most common plastic waste found in the oceans and the maritime Threaten wildlife. The use of single-use plastic will be banned in the EU from summer 2021 – by then at the latest the reusable drinking straws will completely replace their simple plastic counterparts.

Available from April

The drinking straw should be available from April in the online shop of the manufacturer. The price is 25 euros.

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