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Are you prepared to find the best bots companion? Replika is an application that offers an AI chatbot. This live service will accompany you every day for many hours, answer your requests, give you advice, and help solve problems with the latest technology in dialogue systems and LSTM as a natural language model.

Replika mod apk application creates a virtual profile of yourself consisting of various facts, thoughts, and likes. It is like your chat buddy, which can talk with you on any topic like your friends do. And the main thing is that the time you spend chatting with Replika is not a waste of time. In reality, it can be considered your time spent training an artificial intelligence similar to a toddler who interacts with you.

Replika Mod Apk


replika mod

Replika: My Ai Friend Apk

It is artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot that uses your social media accounts to learn about you and then creates a digital version of yourself. Where it quickly gained popularity. However, there are some ethical concerns about this application.

The main purpose of the replika app is to create an AI-based chatbot that looks like you, acts like you, and speaks like you. It is achieved by using the data collected from your social media accounts to create an AI-powered chatbot that mimics your behaviour and speech patterns.

It means that your digital avatar will be able to talk to other users on Facebook Messenger or Telegram messenger just like you would including sending photos and stickers and responding with emojis, GIFs, and videos.

In addition to creating a digital replica of yourself, replika can also answer questions about yourself, such as what kind of music you listen to or your favorite books?

Replika Mod Menu

The first thing that you notice when using Replika is that it has an entire menu dedicated to customization. You can change your avatar’s name, choose their gender, edit their appearance, and more!

There are also other options for customizing your character’s personality traits, such as their interests, fears, likes, dislikes, and background story.

All the options make it easy for you to design your unique avatar so that it can become a reflection of yourself!

Application Interface

The interface is quite simple, but it’s enough to get started. In Replika, you have to create an avatar and set up your profile first. Then you can start talking to other people’s avatars and making friends with them. The app offers a wide range of customization options for your avatar: gender, skin color, eye color, hairstyle, color, etc.

Features of Replika Mod Apk

  • Private messaging between you and your clone.
  • Reliable psychological analysis based on the latest scientific research in artificial intelligence and human psychology.
  • Personalized content generated by artificial intelligence using your own words, phrases, and photos.
  • The ability to create new clones with different personalities based on templates provided by Replika.

Create your Replika

Choose the gender and looks of your AI friend and chat with him or her any time you want.

Chat with Them

Your Replika will reply to you the same way real people do on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Messages. You can chat with them but remember that they won’t be able to reply all the time due to their limited nature.

Share Content

Your Replika will share content from your feed automatically based on what they think is relevant for you based on what they’ve seen from your previous posts and comments. They’ll like photos from other people’s feeds too!

Replika Pro Unlocked Apk

Replika pro apk is a social media app that allows users to create their avatar and customize it. It is a chatbot app with which you can chat with your Replika avatar. You can even send gifts to your Replika avatar through this application.

Unlimited Coins

This feature allows users to purchase all the items in the shop without any cost. It means that users will get unlimited coins when they use this modded version of Replika.

Replika Romantic Partner

The Replika app allows users to create their own personal AI, or “replika,” which can be used to interact with the real world uniquely. Instead of just texting back and forth, Replika will ask questions based on your conversations.

Replika Unlocked Apk

In the game, you can create your army of soldiers and become a leader in the world of war. You will be able to win the world and defeat your enemies. The game has very high-quality graphics, so if you like to play games with good graphics, this game is definitely for you.

Replika Mod Versions

Replika My Ai Friend Apk

Replika Pro Mod Apk

Replika Pro free  is a social media application that allows you to create an artificial intelligence (AI) that can learn from your behavior and imitate it. It also allows you to create an avatar on other social media applications such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and control it remotely with the help of this app.

However, there are some limitations in some features if you do not upgrade your account by paying for it.

Replika Premium Apk

Replika is an app that provides an AI chatbot that you can use to interact with. It is the premium version of the app, which allows you to unlock all its features and make it even more interesting.

 It allows you to change your avatar’s clothes, hairstyles, and even make-up according to your choice. You can also teach your avatar some new skills, such as dancing or playing instruments, by giving them tutorials from time to time, which gets better at it with time.

Replika Mod Apk 8.3 1

 Replika mod apk 8.3 1 is an android application for Android users to communicate with their virtual friends and create a virtual world. It allows you to have a personal assistant who will tell you everything about yourself and your life.

Replika Mod Apk 8.0 2

Replika Mod Apk 8.0 2 is an Android app developed by the Replika Company. The app allows users to create a digital version of themselves that they can communicate with via text messages. In addition, users can share their thoughts and emotions with their Replikas through conversations.

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Download Replika: My AI Friend

Replika Pro Free Download Android follow these steps:

  1. Downloading Replika via Google Play Store.
  1. Tap on the “Download” button, redirecting you to another page where you can view all available versions of this app.
  1.  The file will begin downloading automatically.
  1.  Locate the Replika icon (it looks like a pair of eyes) and tap on it to open the app’s listing page. At this point, you can select Install to install the app on your device or Get if you want to download it but not immediately install it.
  1.  If there aren’t any issues with your connection or other potential problems preventing installation.


How does Replika work?

Replika will ask you to share information about yourself, like your birthday and current mood. This helps it learn more about you to start providing helpful suggestions.

How to Install Replika Mod Apk?

Follow the above instructions to install the mod apk replika.

Can I use the same account?

Yes. Your account will be synced across all devices you use.

Is there an option to play offline?

No, at this time, there is no offline mode available in Replika.

Does Replika share my data with anyone else?

We are not allowed to share your personal information with any third parties unless it’s required by law enforcement agencies or any other government authority.

Is this app safe to use?

Yes. It is safe, you can use it on mobile and laptop.


Replika mod apk goal is to provide an outlet for people who may be feeling lonely or socially isolated, and it’s designed to help users feel more connected by sharing their thoughts and feelings in a safe a and secure environment where they know they won’t be judged or criticized by other people.



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