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The SoundCloud online platform is one of the most popular music sources on the World Wide Web. Here artists get the opportunity to upload their self-produced music. Especially friends of electronic music will find what they are looking for with this service and regularly come across new treasures. However, if you like music, you are generally bound to the Internet. The desire to download the music and add it to your own stock is all the more understandable. But what programs can help you download music from SoundCloud? And is that even allowed? In the following tutorial, we want to shed light on these points and discuss SoundCloud Downloader.

Is that allowed?

Before downloading the music from the online platform, the question of the legal situation arises. Isn’t it forbidden to download music from the Internet? When uploading a song to SoundCloud, the artists can decide whether the song can be downloaded or not. If you have permission to download, you just have to click the corresponding button under the song. But downloading all other songs on SoundCloud is not prohibited per se either.

The meaning and purpose of the download are crucial here. Anyone who just wants to secure a “private copy” for listening to music is acting legally. It is only prohibited from the point at which you want to enrich yourself with the downloaded song or pass it on to other people. This is namely a prohibited reproduction and distribution. “YouTube lawyer” Christian Solmecke has dealt with this topic several times. The video linked by us deals with the downloads from YouTube, but this can be used analogously to a SoundCloud download.

Free SoundCloud Downloader

Roughly speaking, SoundCloud can be called YouTube for music. If you want to download songs from this platform, you can use the Free SoundCloud Downloader for example. A big advantage of the program is its compatibility with many different providers. So you can not only download music from SoundCloud but also use platforms such as Bandcamp or Mixcloud. Found the right song? You can now conveniently download the affected song as MP3 to your PC.

SoundCloud Downloader
With the Free SoundCloud Downloader, you only have to insert the URL of your desired song. (Image: Computer Bild)

All you have to do is copy the URL of the song and paste it into the input field. The program then automatically downloads the song and saves it in the folder of your choice. By the way, you can not only download music here. The Free SoundCloud Downloader can also be used to download videos from well-known platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Here you have the choice between MKV and MP4.

Free Music & Video Downloader

Another free program that you can use to download songs from SoundCloud is called Free Music & Video Downloader. Here you can also download music and films from the most popular platforms. The program now supports over 40 well-known portals. Here you can not only download videos from YouTube but also music from SoundCloud. You don’t have to go big detours. Finally, this provider relies on a practical input and download function via browser. Simply enter the URL of your desired medium here. It is also particularly practical that you can specifically search through the supported websites.

SoundCloud Downloader
Image: Computer Bild

You can also find treasures in the media libraries of the public broadcasters and download them. By the way, you don’t necessarily have to download the video from YouTube. As with SoundCloud, you can also choose to download an MP3 here. So you can save the pure soundtrack without the associated music video. PC users who value order and clarity on their own computers will also like the automatic categorization. The program not only downloads the appropriate album cover automatically but also assigns each song to an MP3 tag.

Cloud Downloader

Another provider for a download from the SoundCloud platform is the Cloud Downloader. The functionality corresponds to that of the other two programs presented so far. The cloud downloader does not run through the browser. Instead, you enter the URL of your desired song in the program itself. Once that’s done, the song will start playing in the Cloud Downloader. After the song has finished, you can conveniently download it to your PC.

The best 4 services in comparison Image: Computer Bild

The program saves it as MP3 in the folder of your choice. The Cloud Downloader shows you your personal download history so that you always have an overview. This is especially useful when you want to download several songs at once. The useful information that SoundCloud has ready for the respective song can also be viewed in the downloaded file. This applies in particular to descriptions and the artwork.

SoundCloud Downloader

Here, too, the name says it all. You can use the SoundCloud Downloader conveniently and, above all, easily download the music from the popular online portal. This provider relies on the download of files in MP3 format. However, unlike the Cloud Downloader, it relies on embedding in the browser again. Those who do not want to download a separate program will certainly be happy about this.

 The best 4 services in comparison Image: Computer Bild

The functionality is again very simple. So you first look for the song you want on the SoundCloud online platform. Then copy the URL of the songs. Once you have done this, all you have to do is paste the link in the SoundCloud Downloader’s search bar. Once the provider has found the song, you can easily download it by clicking on “Download”.

Conclusion: expand the music library easily

Fortunately, case law is slowly moving with the times when it comes to downloading media from free platforms. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a video or a song. Anyone who wants to download a private copy for their own “consumption” can do so without having to fear serious consequences. However, this only applies to free providers such as YouTube or SoundCloud. As our list of providers has shown, this is easy to do. With many of them, you don’t even need a separate program, you just use your browser. However, you should always keep in mind that you should also adhere to the guidelines. Do not use a free SoundCloud downloader to give yourself a financial advantage. Instead, you can think about whether the artist in question might need some financial support himself. Above all, on SoundCloud, many unknown up-and-coming artists value every euro. Especially in times of Corona, these are anything but good.

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