Tesoro Alphaeon S3 gaming chair with premium look in the test

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Tesoro is a gaming brand with German representation in Hamburg, which has made a name for itself in the gaming chair market and is doing convincing work here. The Tesoro Alphaeon S3 gaming Chair series has had another comrade since February, which brings a breath of fresh air. The F720 Alphaeon S3 gaming chair has been revised in some areas compared to its predecessors and now offers a luxurious look and some improved features. Is there a rather unknown treasure hidden in the Alphaeon S3? In this following article we will get to the bottom of exactly this question.

Tesoro Alphaeon S3 gaming chair with premium look in the test

Specifications of Tesoro Alphaeon S3 gaming chair

Frame color‍ Black
Frame construction‍ metal
Material of the reference‍ PU synthetic leather
Material of the upholstery‍ Cold foam
Adjustable head cushion‍ Yes
Type of backrest‍ High backrest (80 cm)
Snap-in function (backrest) Yes
Gas spring class‍: 4
Adjustable lumbar cushion‍: Yes
Roles‍ PU racing wheels (6 cm)
Color of the cover‍ black-red
Adjustable armrests‍ 3D
Resilience‍ 130 kg
Rocker function (seat + backrest) ‍ 15 °
Seat‍ 58-63 cm x 58 cm
Product type‍ F720
Shipping weight‍ 27 kg
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Scope of delivery & assembly 

The approximately 27 kg of the Alphaeon S3 were delivered in a plain brown box. The product name and the most important specifications are on the top of the box. If you cut open the box, you get a good insight into how the individual elements of the gaming chair are secured. Here you can see how much effort you can put into it – the elements were packaged according to the needs of the security. The leather elements are coated with a simple protective film, the armrests made of harder plastic with bubble wrap and the metal elements with foam film. Damage during delivery can by no means occur thanks to the security and type of packaging.

Apart from the seat, the backrest and the metal base, there are two other small boxes in the packaging. In one of these is the lockable tilting mechanism, if you can put it that way. The rod, with which you can later change the height of the chair, looks out of the side of the cardboard box. The second box contains the five rollers, the gas pressure spring, plastic covers and assembly material. Here, too, everything was packed properly and securely.

After everything had been stripped of its packaging, we could start with the assembly. This took about 20 minutes on the Alphaeon S3, which is due to the pre-assembled 3D armrests. The quality and workmanship of the individual elements also made assembly easier. Turn on a little playlist with good music and the gaming chair stands there in all its glory. The individual elements fit perfectly into one another and can be screwed together perfectly if needed.

The castors of the chair are simply inserted into the metal base, the class 4 gas pressure spring is inserted into the hole from above – so the lower part is already there. The backrest is screwed to the rails of the seat with two screws on each side and then covered with the plastic caps. Finally you just put the two parts together and you are almost done. The lumbar pillow is clipped onto the backrest with a clip system and the neck pillow is clamped with a plastic circle through the upper hole of the backrest.

Tesoro Alphaeon S3 in the price comparison

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