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Textra is an alternative to your stock SMS/MMS app (that came preinstalled on your phone). So, whether you're looking for a faster experience, better customization options, more color or just a specific feature (like scheduling a text in the future) you've come to the right place.
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May 24, 2023
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Textra SMS Pro Apk a recently released app has many features that make it stand out from the competition. One of Textra’s most popular features is that it does not show ads and allows for more customization than any other similar app. Another great feature is the “quick reply” button which saves time when you’re in a hurry to send a message back to someone.

These are just two of the many reasons why is one of the best Textra SMS Mod Apk messaging apps on iOS today. Check out this article for more info about this amazing app. The full list of this app’s features is listed below Also Check out AirBrush Mod Apk.

Text is an app that lets you text for free or cheap. You can send messages to any phone number in the world and it costs less than 1 cent per message. Texting is also more fun because of the emojis, GIFs, and stickers you can use to express your feelings. There are so many features within this app including voice messages, group messaging, taking pictures/videos while texting, one-tap calling – there isn’t anything else like it on the market.

It is to bring you a detailed review of the Textra SMS Pro Apk. It includes a comparison with other apps and how it has been designed for both Android and Apple phones. I will also be going into detail about what features are available in this application that make it stand out from its competitors.

This is a messaging app that allows you to send text messages, photos, or videos for free. It has many features like the ability to block annoying numbers and spam calls. It also has some cool customization options with over 20 different themes and font choices available. You can even set your custom wallpaper.

Created by True Software Scandinavia AB, the Textra SMS app has over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store. The fact that this messaging app has been downloaded more than 10 times recently shows how many people are using it daily. This feature makes it stand out from its competitors because there are other apps on the market.

Textra SMS Pro Mod Apk is a well-known and widely used SMS app that has been around for over 4 years. This offers tons of features that are perfect for any user, whether they are an individual or corporate business. Some of the most popular features include the ability to set custom notification tones, sending/receiving images in messages, attaching videos from your camera roll, setting read receipts on your texts so.

You know when people have seen them, enabling quick reply with preset text replies or by voice so you can respond hands-free while driving or cooking dinner, and more. You can even set delayed message timers so messages you send to another person won’t time out and disappear, which is perfect for sending messages to people in your contacts that don’t have the app installed.

This is an SMS app that offers features like the ability to send and receive group texts, quick reply popup windows, custom backgrounds, and more. They also offer RPO (receive push only) which allows you to reduce your data usage by not downloading messages until they are opened. This way you can leave WiFi on while traveling abroad or in areas with poor coverage so that when friends text you won’t have any surprises with roaming charges.

Needed Changes in latest version

So this app has received updates regularly to improve the user experience, but some bugs still need to be fixed. One change that needs to be made is with regards to the notification tones.

There should be more options for users who want different sounds when they receive a text or have it read aloud to them. You can already set custom notification tones when someone sends you a picture or video, but it would be nice to have this option for all notifications and not just images and videos.

Unique, Secret of the app

There are several features available in the Textra SMS app that make it stand out from other messaging apps on the market. The one thing that makes this app different than its competitors is the ability to send stickers and gifs.

Most messaging apps will only allow you to send emojis, which don’t always express what you’re feeling and how you want to communicate. With the app, there are tons of stickers available which can be sent with a single touch and also allow you to preview before sending so you don’t accidentally send something that wasn’t meant for everyone to see.

Theme, bubble & app icon colors

The best part of this Textra SMS Pro apk is the ability to select different theme colors and allows you to personalize your messaging experience. There are over 20 different themes available so you can select the one that best fits your mood.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can even change it up by customizing the bubble color and the app icon to match with your current wallpaper or just pick one of their preset colors.

Pushbullet, Mighty Text

It is a great messaging app that allows you to send text messages from your PC or tablet which means that if you have friends on Android and iPhone, they can receive texts from both devices.

This feature alone makes it a great option for users who want to stay connected with all their contacts even when they’re on the go. Mighty Text works similar to Pushbullet in that it allows you to send and receive texts from multiple devices, but this app doesn’t require a pro version for this feature.

  • The pro version of the app allows you to send messages in stealth mode. If
  • you are sending a message to someone that doesn’t have the app installed then you can choose the stealth mode option which will hide your name and phone number within their messaging interface.
  • This is great for people who are trying to keep their personal life separate from their work or other contacts.
  • If you want to send messages in secret mode, it can be done so with the click of a button.
  • Sending stickers and GIF’s becomes much more fun when there are hundreds of them available.
  • The app has tons of funny stickers that will have you laughing for hours on end along with just enough cute ones to brighten up your day.
  • The GIF’s are animated and include several different subjects, ranging from animals to celebrities; there is no shortage of funny GIFs available in this app.
  • Is Textra SMS pro safe?
  • Yes, it can be installed on any Android phone device without running into problems that many other messaging apps cause when they’re installed.
  • In addition, if you’ve been having problems with your phone not looking as sharp as it once did because of a virus or other form of malware.
  • This app can be installed without running into any of those issues because it is designed to work with all Android devices and doesn’t contain any viruses or malsw.

How to Download and Install Textra SMS Mod Apk

Textra SMS Mod Apk is one of the most popular messaging apps for Android. The app has over 1 million downloads and 4.8 stars on Google Play Store. It’s free, easy to use, and offers some pretty neat features like themes and bubble styles. Textra SMS RPO is a modified version of Textra that allows you to send messages without using data or battery power.

Step 1. Go to the official website Apkspure.com.

Step 2. Click on the Textra SMS app to begin the download.

Step 3. After completing the download, open your file manager up and locate the Textra APK file, then tap it to begin the installation.

Step 4. When the installation is complete, go to your app drawer and open Textra SMS.

Step 5. Within the settings menu, choose whether you want to send messages using data or battery power.

Textra SMS Pro Mod Apk is one of the top-rated Android messaging apps. It has a ton of great features, including RPO. But why should you download Textra How does it compare to other texting apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger? Let’s find out.

Q 1. What is Textra?

A. Textra is a popular messaging app for Android devices that allows you to send text messages without using data or battery power.

Q2. Does Textra SMS RPO Mod Apk contain ads?

A. No, the pro version of the app doesn’t contain any ads whatsoever which mean that messaging will be fast and free.

Q3. Is Textra SMS Pro Mod Apk private?

A. Yes, the app allows you to choose whether or not you want to use data or battery power when sending messages, which means that your personal information is always protected from the eyes of anyone who doesn’t have the app installed on their phone.

Q4. Are there problems installing Textra on any Android device?

A. No, it can be installed on any Android device without running into privacy-related issues that many other messaging apps have.

Q 5. Is Textra SMS RPO Mod Apk safe?

A. Yes, it is designed to work with all Android devices and doesn’t contain any viruses or malware that could harm your phone.


I hope that this article on Textra SMS Pro Mod Apk has been informative and will help you make a better decision about whether or not you would like to download the app. All I ask is that if you enjoyed this article, please take a moment to share it on Facebook or Twitter so that others have a chance to read it too. Thank you For reading this article, you can visit our blog anytime for more information. Goodbye..!

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