The 5 best gaming chairs in 2021

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Gaming chairs offer the user much more than just a visual enhancement of their surroundings. With the typical properties of a sports car seat, these ergonomically well thought-out chairs really impress: left and right side bolsters for optimum support, headrest, lumbar support (support in the lumbar region) and armrests.

The problems that occur are well known, especially with longer gaming sessions. Starting with constant change of position, because after a short time all joints and muscles are sore, up to chronic spinal problems.

A special gamer’s chair provides a remedy and a noticeably better gaming experience. Based on various selection criteria such as ergonomics, functions and design, the best gaming chairs were chosen and the following gaming chair comparison was compiled. Nevertheless, this is of course a subjective selection.

The 5 best gaming chairs in 2021

1. Backforce One Plus – ergonomics and design in perfection

On paper, Backforce has only been around since 2019, which is of course not an age for a chair manufacturer. But the brand did not found itself from 0 to 100, but is part of the Interstuhl company. They can look back on more than 60 years of experience in the construction of ergonomic and high-quality chairs. These 60 years went into the construction of the two previously existing models One and One Plus.

The result are two beautifully designed, functionally pregnant and handcrafted models that are completely made in Germany. Of course, this has its price at 629 euros, but every single cent is well invested. Especially since every Backforce chair comes with a 10-year guarantee. If you count that down, you end up paying five euros per month for the One Plus.

The One Plus is equipped with 5D armrests that can be folded away, a lumbar support that is flexibly adjustable both in depth and in height, a molded wood panel in the backrest (the best thing you can do to your back) and a Seat depth and seat tilt adjustment. And as far as the outside is concerned, a gaming chair manufacturer has finally taken on the back and provided it with a plastic label and a glowing Gamer Plus. The Backforce One Plus is rightly at the top of the Gaming Chair Olympus.

2. Backforce One – Even the first backforce beats all others

Backforce is the young gaming brand from the well-known German chair manufacturer Interstuhl, which can look back on over 50 years of experience in chair manufacture. Unlike most other gaming chairs, the chairs are not manufactured in Asia, but in Germany.

The Backforce One deservedly made it to first place on our list of the best because it offers the most convincing ergonomic functions. It is equipped with a synchronous mechanism that is particularly good for the back. In addition, the armrests can not only be adjusted, but also folded back so that you can comfortably sit cross-legged on the chair. The cover made of Alcantara and artificial leather is very comfortable and the chair can be personalized with interchangeable batches and an LED logo.

3. Game changer – even the first backforce beats all others

The Gamechanger is also as young as Backforce, but has already won over many critics and buyers. We also understand why: In addition to a perfect ergonomic design and relevant features, the company behind it relies on a lot of individuality. The buyer can choose between different materials, colors, sizes and extras. In the end, you have a chair in your shopping cart that is not found anywhere else in the world. Only the shape of the chair always remains the same. However, this high level of individuality also drives up the price; so one should look carefully what is needed and what is not.

Apart from that, the chairs come with 4D armrests, a fiberglass-reinforced base and a synchronous mechanism so that the seat moves perfectly in line with the backrest. Workmanship, materials and, above all, customer service are also very admirable in the case of the game changer.

If you want to know more about the gaming chair, you can find more information in our test of the Gamechanger Cobra Sport Edition:

4. Recaro – Expensive, but with a lot of equipment

And it continues with Made in Germany. Recaro is also a German manufacturer and was also created in 2019. Since then, the company has been riding a wave of success that is only too easy to understand for us. Regardless of the high prices it charges for its chairs, Recaros are only made from the best materials and are of high quality. In addition, the Exo FX and Exo Platinum chairs are made with 5D armrests (an absolute rarity in gaming chairs), a very high backrest, an anti-submarining hill and a frame made entirely of robust aluminum.

The chairs from Recaro are also suitable for tall, tall and weighty people. However, those who like individual extras on their gaming chair will not be happy with the manufacturer. You only have the choice between three different colors. In terms of performance, however, a Recaro chair doesn’t have to hide at all.

5. SecretLab – The top chair from Singapore

Besides Backforce, Gamechanger and Recaro, SecretLab is the only company that does not come from Germany to make it into the top 5. What would have looked different years ago is now dominated by Made in Germany. However, the Singerpurer company is rightly ahead of names like noblechairs or Nitro Concepts.

SecretLab found its way into gaming rooms around the world primarily via e-sports. The company has been a reliable manufacturer of gaming chairs there for over six years. Organizations like Team Liquid, Astralis or Invictus trust in the qualities. The two founders come from the scene and in 2014 gave the go-ahead for the premium class of gaming chairs. Since then, SecretLabs have become an integral part of a top 5 list.

Although things that are manufactured in Asia often have a bad reputation, SecretLab does not even at least fulfill it. The best workmanship and materials, robustness and useful extras such as 4D armrests and a height-adjustable lumbar support in the titanium models speak for themselves. A well-deserved fifth place, which SecretLab will not be able to offer any longer so quickly according to our expectations.

Bonus place: DXRacer – The mother of all gaming chairs!

Before any of the first-mentioned brands hit the market, DXRacer had already sold countless of its chairs, made a name for itself and successfully infiltrated esports. Therefore DXRacer always gets a place of honor in our top 5 list for this reason alone. In terms of performance, none of the gaming chair series from DXRacer can keep up with Backforce and Co. In terms of price, the chairs are also in the middle class as in the premium class.

But if you can’t or don’t want to spend 500 euros plus on a chair, a DXRacer is the best choice. You sit comfortably, and that for a long time too, depending on the model, you get 4D armrests and always the popular racing look. The DXRacer chairs are therefore nothing special, but the highest sales figures speak for themselves.

The best gaming chair in 2021: What does your top five look like?

Which gaming chair is your favorite chair? Which chair do you think is the best? What does your leaderboard look like and what is the most important thing about a gaming chair for you?

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