The best apps for bike tours (Android)


The time of lockdown causes one or the other to gain enormous weight. This is not least due to the home office and closed fitness studios. So it is hardly surprising that many people look for sporty alternatives. Finally, other ways have to be found to shed those extra pounds. One possibility that combines sporting activity with fresh air and lots of variety is cycling. Anyone who likes to go on bike tours or would like to do it in the future can get support with the help of suitable apps. In the following, we take a look at the best of the apps for bike tours available in the Google Play Store.

The optimal preparation

Anyone who takes a look at the Google Play Store will be surprised at the large selection of apps for bikes. You will not only find training planners, you will also find special bicycle sat navs. These are the perfect companions on every bike tour. However, once you have found the right app, there are other points you should consider. Finally, a bike tour with a smartphone also requires some preparation. This is at least true if you don’t want to cycle around the lake just once, but are on your beloved bike for several hours or even days. The basic requirement is a fully charged battery. Many of the apps we have listed rely on a permanently switched on display. This is especially the case if you want to be navigated with your smartphone. Other battery drains are an activated GPS permanent data transmission and Bluetooth.

Best app for bike tours
There are now bicycle mounts for smartphones that come with an integrated power bank. Shown here: ROMOSS bicycle mobile phone holder with battery pack (source: Amazon .de)

If your smartphone says goodbye due to an empty battery, you may have problems with the navigation in the worst case get back home. Anyone who enjoys cycling through dense, large forests is faced with a real problem here. Accordingly, we advise you to take a power bank with you on the tour to be on the safe side. This is how you save yourself from a rude awakening. There are now even combination solutions that combine smartphone holders with power banks. You should also not use just any mobile phone case. Models that are too thick can interfere with GPS reception. This sometimes affects the location in sparsely populated places with poor network coverage. It is therefore best to carry out a test of GPS reception before the tour. You can save mobile data if you download navigation data from your home network. But in this way you not only prevent too high a load on the data volume. On top of that, you protect yourself from poor network coverage in the pampas.


With Bikemap the name says it all. This is an Android app without a lot of chichi. But that should be enough for most of them. After all, Bikemap offers you classic and reliable navigation on your beloved two-wheeler. Practical features such as voice navigation complete the positive overall picture. But also the scope of Bikemap is considerable. Here you will find a list with more than 4 million routes. You will not only find routes within Germany. Vacationers will be pleased that Bikemap has listed routes around the world. As it should be for a good navigation system, Bikemap also gives you important information about special places. In addition to workshops, this also includes bicycle parking spaces, toilets, rest stops and charging stations for modern e-bikes.

Bikemap not only navigates you reliably, it also gives you exciting information about your current tour. This makes it easy to compare different routes with one another. You can then view the tour data such as duration, distance and speed. If you are looking for a suitable route, you will quickly be overwhelmed by the large selection. Fortunately, Bikemap allows you to filter the routes according to different criteria. How to find the route that suits your bike type and ability. After all, there is nothing worse than discovering in the middle of the tour that you are not up to the challenge.


Another practical navigation app for Android is Komoot . This is not only suitable for bike enthusiasts, but is also helpful when hiking. With the support of Komoot, many different routes can be found for the bike tour. But you don’t have to resort to the ready-made routes. Alternatively, you can plan your own personal tour. It is particularly practical that you can search specifically for routes for your bike type. This will save you from pounding your expensive racing bike over bumpy cobblestones.

As with the Bikemap you can also use a practical voice navigation here. This means you don’t have to look at the display of your smartphone all the time during the tour. After all, you want to enjoy nature undisturbed. Not everything is free at Komoot. You can choose a region for free. If you want to use features such as online maps, other regions and the aforementioned voice navigation, you have to pay a little extra.

Bicycle tracker

No matter which bike you ride. With the Fahrrad Tracker you get the perfect app by your side. So riders of a classic Holland bike can have just as much fun as youngsters of modern and faster e-bikes. As the name of the app suggests, you can have the most important parameters of your route measured here. In addition to speed, distance and altitude can also be displayed. Since you are tracked while you are driving, you can retrospectively see where you have driven. The bicycle tracker is therefore also very suitable for comparing different routes.

A decisive advantage of the bike tracker is that it works entirely without mobile data. The GPS data of your smartphone is completely sufficient here. This not only saves internet data, but also ensures that you know where you are even in sparsely populated areas with poor network coverage. An integrated social component ensures that you can easily share your results with your friends. This gives lazy people an extra helping of motivation.


If you don’t just want to ride leisurely tours, but also want to do semi-professional sport on a bike tour, you should take a look at Strava . Not only runners but also cyclists will be more than happy here. Thanks to Strava, your smartphone becomes a real fitness tracker. But that’s not all. Routes can also be conveniently planned and, above all, evaluated here. Completed routes are documented in your profile. If you want to improve or want to make a comparison with former routes, you can make extensive analyzes here. In combination with a suitable fitness tracker or a smartwatch, you can also document fitness data such as heart rate.

So that you can compete with your friends, your results can be shared with other members. It’s this competitive aspect that makes Strava such a popular app. After all, this provides the motivation to always be the best. But you don’t have to compete with your friends. You can also meet new people through Strava who also indulge in your passion. In various clubs you can not only exchange ideas about your favorite sport of cycling, but also motivate one another.

Map my ride

Cyclists get a real sports app with Map my ride . Here your bike tour will not turn into a leisurely Sunday excursion, but a mini-Tour-de-France. But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to have fun with Map my ride. Even ambitious cyclists who want to get active can do something for their health with the app. Your routes can be reliably recorded here. So you can then carry out targeted evaluations. You don’t just look at details like distance and speed. In combination with a suitable smartwatch or wearable, you can also evaluate your personal fitness data. Map my ride supports over 400 devices.

The app also comes with an exciting unique selling point. So you can have tailor-made feedback in audio form for each individual tour. You can individually set the points on which you would like to receive feedback. Data on speed and distance are available as well as altitude and calories consumed.

First aid app

“Sport is murder” – This common saying will certainly tell you something too. Even if exercise is good for the mind and body, things can always go wrong. People who rarely do sports are particularly at risk of an accident. Should an injury occur on the way, the First Aid App of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) is the perfect solution.

The app not only includes practical tips for the quick treatment of wounds and / or other injuries. On top of that, you can find the right phone numbers in the app in case of an emergency. You are not only covered in Germany. Even when you are on holiday in international climes, the app provides you with the right numbers.

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