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Question: When was the last time you used a real dictation machine? If you have ever held such an apparatus in your hands at all, it is guaranteed to be many years ago. In view of modern technology, this is hardly surprising. Finally, your practical smartphone can also help you with dictation. With the help of a tailor-made dictation app, you can easily record your own thoughts or conversations such as interviews and podcasts. But which dictation apps are there for Android smartphones? We took a look at the Google Play Store for you.

Pre-installed dictation machine

Some people may not even have to search the Google Play Store. After all, some smartphones come with a practical dictation app ex-factory. As the owner of a Samsung smartphone, you can usually already use the pre-installed “dictation device” app. The name is self-explanatory. The Korean smartphone manufacturer allows you to record your own thoughts or conversations with other people. The ability to convert what has been spoken into text is particularly practical. This proves to be extremely practical, especially in the area of ​​audio notes.

Apart from that, pretty much every Android smartphone comes with the ” recorder ” app. Here, too, you can guess what the application is about. Using a recorder, you can easily make voice recordings and convert them into audio files. So you can not only archive a wide variety of recordings, but also forward them without any problems. But although many Android devices already offer a kind of dictation app ex works, you should always be aware that these are not tailor-made professional solutions. If you regularly need a dictation machine, you should perhaps take a look at the following apps.

Smart Recorder

You can download the dictation app ” Smart Recorder ” free of charge from the Google Play Store. Due to its clear design, this app is also suitable for laypeople for audio recording. Here you will not be overwhelmed by countless sub-categories and menu items, but can shimmy along the self-explanatory controls. This app is particularly suitable for spontaneous audio recordings. This is not least due to the fact that you can start recording immediately after opening the app. If you want to end it again, simply press the button again. You can pause the recording at any time in the meantime.

Since the manufacturer relies on a dark user interface, it hardly matters that the display is permanently switched on during the recording. So you always have an overview of the audio recording without being blinded. Especially with Android smartphones with OLED panels, this is hardly a problem due to the perfect black values. But this has other advantages as well. Finally, you also save the battery of your smartphone. So it can easily last for several hours without putting too much battery power into the display. As soon as you have recorded something, the app creates the recording as a WAV file. You can specify where you want to save the relevant file in the settings of the dictation app.

dictation machine

Anyone looking for a dictation machine in the Google Play Store will find what they are looking for with the app of the same name. And it keeps what it promises. Without coming along with an overloaded range of functions, you can make audio recordings with the dictation machine in a completely uncomplicated manner. As soon as you want to record, you simply press the record button. When you’re done, tap Finish. It couldn’t be easier. Like the Smart Recorder, this app is also completely free of charge. But for that you have to live with a lot of advertising here too. If that doesn’t bother you, you will get a perfect dictation machine here.

In general, the dictation machine is based on the Smart Recorder. You will also find a dark design here, which is easy on the battery and eyes even during long audio recordings. But there are also differences to the Smart Recorder. This primarily affects the final audio files. The dictation machine does not use the WAV format, but instead uses classic MP3. You can also choose the appropriate storage location yourself. If you like MP3 better, you should press the download button here.

Audio Recorder

Friends of open source solutions should take a look at the audio recorder . This recording app, which is also free of charge, comes from the Japanese electronics giant Sony and does a lot differently than the two previous apps. A decisive advantage is the lack of advertising. So the audio recorder works without any annoying displays. In combination with the classic material design, this makes quite a difference. However, there is also something very negative about the design. The developers rely on a bright user interface here – for whatever reason. This has disadvantages for the battery life and annoying glare when taking pictures in the dark. We would have liked that the color could at least be adjusted. However, this is not the case.

What makes the app very exciting is the advertised audio quality. With the dictation app, you can choose between the basic, medium, high and top levels. At the highest level, you should even be able to make high-fidelity music recordings. There is also freedom when it comes to choosing a format. Here you can choose between OGG, WAV, FLAC, M4A, MP3 and OPUS. But that’s not all. So you get a couple of really exciting additional features that not only affect the recording itself, but also the “post-production”. For example, recording pauses can be automatically skipped when saving audio files. You can also use the practical rest mode. This ensures that your smartphone automatically switches to do not disturb mode. Calls and messages do not cause an annoying noise. This is an extremely practical feature, especially for professional interviews or long podcasts.

Voice recorder free of charge, good quality

What sounds like a cheap set of slogans actually refers to a very good dictation app from the Google Play Store. Finally, ” Dictation Machine Free Good Quality ” scores not only with the possibility of a free download. On top of that, you can adjust the quality here again. A maximum of 44 kHz is possible. You can also make up your mind about the file format. You either save your audio recording as MP3 or in WAV format.

If you are not a fan of overloaded advertisements, you will be pleased that the dictation app completely dispenses with advertising. The editing function of the Android application is also practical. In this way, you can shorten recordings that have already been made in the clear user interface according to your taste and remove certain parts. This is particularly suitable for perfect interviews in which you want to cut out relevant parts. Of course, the finished recordings can also be forwarded here without any problems.

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