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TXD Tool is mobile texture editor application for VC and SA.
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May 1, 2023
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TXD Tool Pro Apk is for android devices and is made for the professionals who work on the MOD, it is also very good for people who want to learn & have little experience in modding. One can download the latest version on the websites, as said it is only for the professionals of this work.

About TXD Tool Pro Apk

The TXD Tool Pro Apk is an application, which can be installed on android devices and works by converting or editing the appearance or texture of VC & SA, where VC & SA are the gaming editions of GTA i.e. Grand theft auto. It is one of the good and nice games for PC. The application is used for the editing of the above-mentioned game; this is exclusively meant for only GTA, rest is that you can modify cars etc. and other features by using TXD TOOL APK. You can also export, rename, delete, and create properties too.

The app is a very powerful one, it helps to modify the whole game, but the pre-requisite is that you need to have varied skills to get the success. Knowledge of 3D modelling is a requirement, as models of objects which you want to add or modify while playing the game.

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Featuring model objects should be done, which are used while playing the game. It is to avoid the game lag; this occurs due to the heavy size of the 3D objects created for the sake of the game.

Requirements of TXD Tool Pro Apk

For all those who are interested in the TXD Tool Pro Apk and are planning to install it, there are a few requirements that have to be fulfilled:

  • GTA vice city is required or a San Andreas on your mobile device
  • Ensure the games are properly installed and are in playing condition
  • One also is required to know if mods are installed for the GTA vice city, only then it is advisable to explore the features of the TXD TOOL, this will ensure good texture modification, which you would be doing using the TXD Tools Mod Apk.
  • Good hardware on the mobile is a must for running the two games smoothly and running a TXD in the background
  • The recommended be 1ram or higher, CPU 4x 1.3 or higher, this is a good, a requirement option.

TXD Tool Apk Features

Complete support for all the textures

This interesting app from the house of VIS apps is a perfect match for the GTA for san Andréa & vice city games. You can enjoy, the complete support for all texture formats, and makes use of all the features, in the app for editing and customising the in-game experience. One can import the texture, and from different file formats, and can upload it from TXD files directly.

Do simple & complex texture operations on GTA games

With the available many tools, the app will allow users to do texture operations on GTA, for both simple & complex. Easily import editing materials, for any file formats, and enjoy comfortable features with auto re-write option. Export edits, from anywhere when you want. Delete the old texture setting if you don’t like it, start new ones with new ones. Edit flies with certain properties, edit certain files, or export aliases option, whenever you need without instructions.

Explore instructions with the app

It has simple controls & accessible mechanics. Android users in the TXD tool will find access to dozens of features & functions. It will help edit the in-game & textures. One can generate a MIP map texture in any GTA game where the experience is completely different. One can use RLE compression and adjust the quality settings, for the convenient features, while using the app.

Special notes

It is an unofficial third-party application, which has been designed to edit textures
Little knowledge of modding is expected, before using this tool
VC or SA must be installed before using TXD Apk.

Features of TXD Tool Apk

  • It has unlimited everything
  • It is ad-free
  • All the premium features are unlocked

New things/ updates

  • Fixed the problems related to bad TXD files
  • It has improved app stability

How to install TXD Tools Apk

  • Download the TXD TOOL MOD APK
  • Install the downloaded APK, without any use of the internet or Wi-Fi
  • Open the installer, and complete the installation process
  • Let the installation happen and complete it on the android device
  • Open the MOD APK app
  • And, enjoy free unlimited resources

TXD software means, a lot of operations that can be done using the textures:

  • Import
  • Import along with an auto rewrite
  • Export
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Edit properties
  • Create aliases

TXD software helps all the texture codecs which means you can import any number of textures from many picture codecs or from the record data of TXD.

Frequently asked questions

Is the TXD TOOL APK for free?

Yes, the TDX TOOL apk is absolutely free, with all the premium features and has no ads at all, to disturb.

Is TXD TOOL software?

Yes, it is software for editing and needs prior knowledge of MOD.

Is the TXD apk suitable for all games?

No, the tool is exclusively for the GTA games.

Is the TXD TOOL available on Google play?

Yes the TXD apk is available on the Google play for the installation & use

Final thoughts

The TXD TOOL is a perfect app for the editing of textures of GTA, it has many excellent features to use, although certain skills are required to use it more efficiently. Having talked about its features, it’s a good app for professionals with little MOD experience. The MOD version is absolutely free and the link to download is available on the internet.

So, for all the people who are into the editing of textures, it’s a good choice, to install this app. So do not wait, just go for it.!

What's new

Added Android 13 support
Improved Android 11 and Android 12 support
Fixed problem with processing some textures on older Android versions


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