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WPSApp Pro is the version without ads of WPSApp, checks the security of your network using WPS protocol.
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Feb 16, 2023
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I want to share with you a great app that I found for my phone, it’s called WPSApp Pro Apk. This is a wonderful app because it allows me to have access to all of the features on my phone and also helps me organize them as well. It has many different categories so I can find what I’m looking for quickly and easily.

The best thing about this app is that there are no ads at all which makes things much more pleasant when I am browsing through the different apps in the store! Another pro about this app is that it doesn’t take up too much space on my phone and doesn’t seem like any battery life was sacrificed either Also Check out WPS Office Mod Apk.

I recommend checking out WPSApp Apk if you are looking for an alternative to the default app settings of your phone, it is very helpful and I don’t regret downloading it at all. It is well worth it and it allows you to customize the settings as you please, there are no limitations on what you can change or do with this app which I feel makes it even better than the default version of the app that’s already on your phone…

As always thanks for taking the time to read my post, make sure to share this with friends on social media who might enjoy it as well.

We did not receive any monetary compensation for writing up this post. As you know we love to feature new apps and apk that have come out, so if you’ve got one let us know about it. If you want us to review your app, contact us here.

What is WPSApp Pro Apk

WPSApp Pro Apk is the most popular app for Android phones. With this app, you can have quick access to all of your apps, documents, and other files with just a few taps of the screen. It also includes an intuitive interface that makes it easy to view and access all of your favorite content on your mobile device.

A lock function has been included so you can secure your apps and documents when they are not being used. It is available for free on all devices with Android 2.3 or later operating systems installed. This is a great app to download if you are looking for an alternative interface for your mobile phone or tablet.

There are many different features available with this app that makes it much more than just another file manager. It includes content from the original app as well as extra features that are not included in the original app that comes on your phone.

Features of WPSApp Pro Apk

This app includes a fantastic home screen that is easy to use and allows you to access all of the content on your device with just a few taps. Everything is organized into different categories so it’s easy for you to find whatever you are looking for. Your files, documents, videos, and photos are included in this category along with the WPSApp Pro Apk on your device. It also has a useful search feature that makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for in just a few seconds.

Connect directly to WiFi and make changes

With this app, you can connect directly to WiFi. There is no need for an Internet connection so you can use this app with any type of internet connection. Once it is connected, you can change the local IP address and make other changes as well.

A download manager has been included that makes downloading files from the Internet much easier. You can download multiple files at once, pause or resume downloads, and even cancel them if you need to. A library tool has been included as well that gives you access to all of the documents on your phone without taking up much space itself.

A file browser allows you to easily browse through any of the different folders on your device to find exactly what you are looking for. You can move, copy, delete and rename the files as you please.

Run Network Diagnostic Tool

One of the best features that have been included in this app is a network diagnostic tool. You can run a test and find out if there is an issue with your Internet connection or not. This can help prevent you from getting charged for services that you might have accidentally used without knowing it until after the fact.

Protect your Private Apps with Password

You can lock this app so that no one can use it without your permission. This includes securing your private apps as well so that only you have access to them. You can set a custom password for each app if you would like or just use the default password for all of the apps if you prefer.

A notification bar has been included that makes it easy to access your favorite apps whenever you want. You can use the drop-down menu to quickly select and launch any app on your device. There is also a search function available so you can individually enter what you are looking for each time you use it.

Arrange Apps in the order you want

You can arrange your apps according to whatever order you prefer. You can even change the grid size so they are larger or smaller depending on how large your device screen is. Remove any folders you don’t use and set up a custom interface for yourself that makes it easy to find and access everything on your device.

With this app, you can easily customize the icons on your screen to make them more personalized and attractive to look at. You can choose a custom background image or an image from your device and set it as your wallpaper. You can also change the theme of this app if you would like something different that is offered in the original version of this app.

You are also able to change the fonts and colors used within different apps to have a more personalized experience on your device. This is great if you want to use something that looks similar to what came with your Android device instead of completely changing it up with something new.

Free Updates for Life

All of the developers who have made this app have done so to benefit other people. They want you to be able to use your Android device just the way that you like it without any problems at all. That is why they decided to make this app completely free with updates for life included and no ads at all so that their efforts are not wasted on something that doesn’t work.

Once you have this app installed on your device, it is easy to use and makes managing your apps much simpler than before. You can do a lot more than just set up folders or organize things in different ways as well but all of those are accessed through this one main interface that has everything in one place.  You can manage every app on your device with just a few taps of the screen.

This makes it easy for you to customize everything so that it works for you and gets out of the way of the experience that you are trying to have with your Android device. You can also easily turn off this interface if you don’t want to use it anymore and everything will just go back to the way that it was.

All of this is available in a completely free app that has no additional charges or fees attached at all. That makes it easy for you to use your Android device without having to spend extra money on anything else.

Key Features Of WPSApp Pro Apk

  • Pro Unlocked
  • Run Network Diagnostic Tool (
  • Available on Advanced Tab)
  • Draggable Widget (4×1, 4×2, 4×3 and 4×4)
  • Changelog V1.6.56 – 23-08-2021
  • Added Auto Cleaner Widget (12×1, 12×2, 12×3, 12×4)
  • No 50 notifications popup when app is launched after update anymore!
  • Improved widgets’ layout and memory usage.
  • Added Tablet Layout.
  • Added Android Wear support (Android Wear watches will only show notifications widget for now).
  • Added new design for the Pro Unlocker screen.
  • Fixed issue with Pro Unlocker not unlocking in some cases.
  • Run Application in the Background (for certain apps).
  • Added “Restore Purchases” button.
  • App Drawer style can be customized.
  • Added option to change application icon.

How to Download WPSApp Pro Mod Apk for Android

WPS App Pro Mod Apk is a very useful app that has many features. It’s great for people who use their phones a lot and want to have more control of the apps on their phones. The pro version offers you an amazing number of customization options, which can make your phone experience way better than it already was.

1. Make sure you have enabled the Unknown Sources option on your Android device.

2. Download WPSApp Pro apk (if pop up appears close it by pressing the “Settings” button)

3. Go to Settings/Security and enable “Installing apps from untrusted sources.

4. Now install the app WPSApp Pro .apk (if pop up appears close it by pressing the “Settings” button)

WPSApp Premium Mod Apk FAQs

If you’re looking for premium versions of apps, then WPSApp Premium Mod Apk is your go-to place. It has the latest and most popular mods that are available on the market right now. You can download it with just a few taps!

It’s easy to use and offers quick downloads for all sorts of games, movies, music, TV shows, etc. You’ll never have to worry about ads again because this app blocks them out completely so you can enjoy everything without interruption or annoyance. Plus there’s no need to sign up – just click install and you’re good to go.

Q 1. Is there any way to download the WPSApp Premium Apk on PC?

A. No, you can only use it on a mobile device.

Q 2. I want to download the Pro version of this app, but I don’t have any money on my credit card. Is there any other way to download it for free?

A. Yes, you can use any of the WPS App Mod Apk ( Pro/Premium ) available online to get the premium version of this app for free.

Q 3. What is a mod?

A. Mods are modified versions of apps that offer premium features for free.

Q 4. How do I know if the app is safe to install?

A. By far the most popular way is to check for a virus. This can be done very easily by installing a free app like VirusTotal Uploader. It will scan the WPS Apk and let you know if there is a virus present.


WPSApp Pro Apk is a very useful app that has many features. It’s great for people who use their phones a lot and want to have more control of the apps on their phones. The pro version offers you an amazing number of customization options, which can make your phone experience way better than it already was.

Besides, it has been designed with a variety of themes that will allow you to personalize the WPS apk according to your preferences and personality.

It comes in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that makes sense for the screen space and resolution on your device. All in all, if you’re not using this app already, then I strongly suggest that you should start using it today. It’s simple, straightforward and good for your phone and its performance..!

What's new

- New pins and new vulnerable routers.
- Bug fixes.


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